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Tucker strikes Biden’s ‘diversity’ choices: ‘Straight white men are the enemy … It’s hard to imagine anything uglier than this’

Democrats obsessed with identity politics and superficial diversity are perpetuating a ruling class made up of elite limousine liberals, FNC’s Tucker Carlson declared in yet another stirring monologue on his eponymous television show. “The diversity measures they are proposing won’t make anything more diverse, just the opposite. These proposals are merely a way for the people in charge to hire more of their friends.”

Carlson was highlighting the fact that rather than competence, diversity is one of, if not the most, important credential for anyone under consideration for a position in Joe Biden’s purported cabinet or perhaps for the person who will replace Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate upon a vacancy existing. Political infighting has already emerged as the proponents of diversity jockey for position and push a preferred appointee. Corporate America is also on board with diversity sloganeering, Tucker added.

Reacting to this scenario, Carlson pointed out that “Those are categories, they are not people, They are not individuals. This is about identity, not country. It’s about balkanization, not unity. Straight white men are the enemy, says the party led by one, and so it goes. It’s hard to imagine anything uglier than this…it ends with discord and worse…”

The Democrats’ concept of diversity means “certain jobs for certain identities…how is that different from a traditional caste system?”

There is a lot to unpack in Carlson’s soliloquy (which is embedded here in two parts), in which he highlighted potential Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin’s support for such policies, but he went on to say that a return to meritocracy is the path toward true diversity.

“The diversity measures they are proposing won’t make anything more diverse, just the opposite. These proposals are merely a way for the people in charge to hire more of their friends. What you’re seeing is an attempt to preserve and codify the class system that is already in place and unfortunately, that is growing more rigid by the day. If you really wanted to flatten America’s social structure, and we want that, and you should too, because again, class systems are bad and we now have one.

“If you wanted a flatter society, you would demand a return to meritocracy. You would want a system where anyone, no matter where they were born or what they look like or who they slept with could succeed. That’s what we used to have, it’s why we were proud of America, but it’s the opposite of what the left is now demanding.”

If Democrats really cherished diversity and providing opportunities for those from different backgrounds, they would seek out, among other things, individuals from Middle America who possess actual job skills other than merely an empty degree from an Ivy League college.

“What you’re seeing is the ruling class pulling up the ladder, as they always do, as all ruling classes do. How may people lecturing about diversity come from exactly the same elite background? Well, pretty much all of them, so what they’re advocating for his people just like themselves,” Carlson concluded.

Carlson began the segment calling out Greg Fisher, the Democrat mayor of Louisville, Ky., for issuing an executive order classifying racism as a public health crisis in the city. “Louisville is a mess, and it’s fair to say that Greg Fischer is at least partly responsible for that mass. Not surprisingly, Greg Fischer has no interest in talking about that. He would much rather talk about your racism, so that’s what he’s doing.”

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