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Dominion contractor sets hearing on fire, witnessed ‘complete fraud’; claims ‘re-scanning, counting ballots 8 to 10 times’

A Dominion Voting Systems IT contractor, Melissa Corrone, spoke in front of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hearing on Tuesday concerning voter fraud. She set the hearing on fire when she stated that what she witnessed was a “complete fraud.”

The hearing took place at the Binsfield Office Building in Lansing, MI. In attendance was State Senator Ed Bloom. Corrone is a resident of Wayne County, MI and she has a background in IT and cyber security.

Melissa was contracted by a temp staffing service to work with Dominion Voting Systems and worked from Nov. 3 through Nov 4. She said that she was “initially supposed to be working at the Department of Elections, that was an order from Dominion Voting Systems.”

Carrone came forward as a whistleblower over the 2020 presidential election. She blew the whistle on Dominion workers and revealed ballots were being tabulated multiple times.

“What I witnessed at the TDS Center was complete fraud,” Corrone emphatically stated. “The whole 27 hours I was there. There were batches of ballots being ran through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted eight to ten times, I watched this with my own eyes. I was there to assist with IT. These people on night shift, there were four people on night shift, one of whom I’ve known for over 20 years. He approached me and said he has absolutely zero training whatsoever.”

This was in contrast to what others had claimed. They had claimed that they had “so much training.” Corrone said that “These people had no idea what they were doing.”

She stated that she was “under the impression 100 percent that all of these workers were in on this. There was not a single ballot that the whole night, the whole 27 hours that I was there, that was for Donald Trump, not one, that is scary, there is no reason for that.”

“There was something going on at that Department of Elections,” she said, “and it’s clearly something that is very illegal, and I am grateful to God that I didn’t go there.”

When she was asked about being a temp worker for Dominion, she also stated that there was a “big data loss,” as well, on Nov. 3.

Melissa Carone also said one of the Dominion workers disappeared to a “warehouse” for several hours right before a big data dump for Joe Biden.

Melissa was asked what she based her allegations on concerning ballots being counted multiple times. She responded, “So the tabulating machines, when a ballot jams, it puts up an error, it will say discard or recount, so when it puts up that error, when a jam occurs, the correct way to go about it is to discard the whole batch, to take the ones that have already been tabulated, put them back into a pile, put the one that jammed on top, discard, discard the whole thing, then rescan them. They were not discarding, so they were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning, counting ballots eight to ten ballots, just recounting them. They had absolutely no idea what they were doing.”

She continued, “If you do not discard it, it is recounting it… Say ballot 25 had an issue, you had already went through 24 ballots, so you’re gonna put them back all in a pile and you’re just going to rescan it, so you’re counting that 24 again.”

Carrone also testified that ballots were not put into locked boxes after being counted. That instead those steel boxes were being used “for barriers for the poll watchers so they couldn’t get close.”

“They were allowed to do whatever they wanted to do, Nick and Samuel, that worked for Dominion, they were on the stage, they had a contract employee, me, and another one, who was from Texas,” she said.

Corrone was trained by Dominion to work on the tabulating machines and as part of the adjudication process. That training was for one hour on Nov. 2 at a hotel and was done with a tabulating machine and an adjudication machine. She was given a binder explaining how everything worked. She worked with two contract employees and three Dominion employees.

“I saw the van come in at 4:30 [am] full of ballots,” she stated. She said she didn’t know where the 4:30 a.m. ballots came from.

Carone previously submitted a sworn affidavit detailing some of her allegations, including saying that trucks that were supposedly delivering food for poll workers actually brought in “thousands and thousands of ballots.” In a ruling earlier this month denying an injunction to stop the certification of Michigan’s election results, a state court judge found that Carone’s description of events at the TCF center wasn’t credible because other affidavits didn’t make the same accusations.

When asked about the multiple counting of the ballots, Corrone said: “Why do you think the poll books were so off?”

Sen. Jeff Irwin (D-18th District), grilled Corrone: “If someone were to go and run the same ballot over and over and over again, that would end up showing up as a massive discrepancy—”

Corrone interrupted and stipulated “did I say someone took a ballot and ran it over and over and over again? Just one ballot? Or a batch of fifty?”

“Either way,” Irwin said. “I’m just wondering why the numbers at the end of the day aren’t matching up with the stories that we’re hearing, I’m trying to square that circle.”

“Everything that happened at that TDS Center was fraud, every single thing,” Corrone claimed.

Corrone said that she called the FBI on Nov. 5 and that the phone call disconnected after they collected her information and they didn’t reach back out to her after that.

“I spoke with a woman for at least 40 minutes,” Carone told the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday. “The phone disconnected. She had all my information. She never called me back. I had to call them back. I haven’t been contacted back since.”

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