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Man chases woman shopper, yelling at her to wear her ‘f-ing’ mask in latest public shaming assault

By the end of this year, China is expected to implement its “social credit” system.

The program is intended to grade and reward or punish individuals, companies and local governments based on how well they comply with accepted social norms.

According to the South China Morning Post, “Individuals who are deemed untrustworthy could face a number of restrictions affecting areas including loans, travelling by air and rail as well as education.” How are they “deemed untrustworthy”? That’s reported to the central government by China’s state economic planning agency, its national bank and its courts.

“The aim of the system is to improve transparency for the public,” the Morning Post continued, “although it also serves as a tool for the government to impose control on almost all aspects of its citizens’ lives.”

If coronavirus continues unabated, could we see that happen here? Maybe, if the lockdown, mask-mandate proponents have their way.

As the pandemic raged, we’ve seen store patrons chase a fellow shopper from a grocery store for not wearing a mask, police forcibly pull a maskless rider off a city bus and airline personnel boot passengers from planes.

One California mayor says those not donning masks should be considered “domestic terrorists,” while Joe Biden suggests you’re unpatriotic for not wearing one. Back in June, Tom Hanks, who recovered from coronavirus, said to mask-skippers, “I just think shame on you.”

A video posted on Twitter on Tuesday shows this mindset won’t ease up soon.

During the brief the 49-second clip, an elderly man in an unidentified retail store berates a fellow customer. “Put your f—ing mask on,” he yells at the woman as she records him pacing toward her. When she tells him he can “walk away,” he repeats, “Put your mask on.”

“Put it on. Does it bother anybody else that she doesn’t have to wear a mask when we all do?” he says, seeking to appeal to other shoppers.

He continues to pursue her through the store as she repeatedly tells him, “get away from me.” Eventually, he walks away in disgust when she refuses to comply with his demand, and he cannot convince store personnel to enforce his desire.

As he does, she says, “I know who you voted for.”

The woman who recorded the incident drew support on social media.

Conservative activist Mindy Robinson tweeted, “You know what else is bad for your health? Telling me to wear a mask.”

Another Twitter user added, “My theory is everyone should be punched in the face at least once. If that happened then in the back of everyone’s mind they are thinking I don’t want to be punched again I shouldn’t be a douche.”

“This is classic,” tweeted another. “don’t we know some groups like this? Wanting someone to comply by force, anger and abuse? Throwing a tantrum loudly, verbally publicly trying to humiliate with aggression? Hmmm common behavior that is all to familiar at this point.”

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