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Daily Beast blasted for blaming Gov. Noem for her grandmother’s death despite negative COVID test

The Daily Beast is a very left-leaning media outlet. They have just published an article that is ostensibly a hit-piece against South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem over the coronavirus by attempting to blame Noem for her grandmother’s recent death. The title is exceedingly dishonest: “Anti-Mask Guv’s Grandmother Died in Nursing Home Ravaged by COVID.” Their subtitle is almost as bad: “And yet Kristi Noem continues to downplay the virus, refuse a mask mandate, and ignore the terrible price her state is paying.” Noem’s grandmother was 98 and passed away in a nursing home… the catch is that she tested negative for COVID-19.

On Nov. 22, Noem announced on Facebook that “we lost my grandma today.” Arlys Arnold, who was 98, was finally laid to rest on Monday. The media pounced and went about spinning the tragic event as Noem’s fault.

Noem’s grandmother was a resident at the Estelline Nursing & Care Center, which according to a report from the South Dakota-based outlet Keloland News had been suffering a big uptick in coronavirus cases and deaths among its residents.

Daily Beast special correspondent Michael Daly insinuated that her death was the result of Noem’s coronavirus policies. He points out in his article that Arnold was “among 13 to die over a two-week period at a top-rated nursing home swept by COVID-19,” and even gave a nod to her negative COVID test, but stressed that “the other 12 of the 13 deaths between Nov. 14 and Nov. 28 at the Estelline Nursing Home are described … as ‘COVID-related.'”

“The number makes clear the lunacy of Noem’s downplaying of the pandemic and her continued refusal to impose a statewide mask mandate,” Daly wrote slamming Noem. Then he went so far as to accuse her of being “fixated on livelihoods rather than lives,” and shaming the governor for not publicly expressing condolences for the other 12 people who died at the nursing home.

“For Noem to have mentioned the dozen other dead would have raised the specter of the virus that killed them even as she was continuing to claim that she had brought it under control by invoking personal responsibility rather than mandating a vital precaution — a face mask — that is as simple and unimposing as wearing a seatbelt,” Daly dishonestly went on.

Then The Daily Beast proceeded to put out a misleading quote on Twitter that received massive backlash. Many on the social platform were angered by the move.

“Many in the mainstream media hate freedom and those who defend the freedom of their constituents. I’m so sorry for @govkristinoem’s loss, and I am disgusted at blatantly dishonest attempts to twist the tragic passing of her grandmother for political purposes,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) stated.

“What a disgusting, opportunistic, utterly shameful article by @MichaelDalynyc. @KristiNoem’s grandmother did not die from COVID, stop using deaths to make your political points,” Reagan Battalion angrily tweeted.

“The people at @thedailybeast are sick, ruthless, hateful people,” actor Nick Searcy said.

“COVID has politicized death to such an extent that it’s acceptable to attack someone for having their grandmother die. And Noem’s grandmother didn’t even have coronavirus. Despicable,” Daily Caller correspondent Anders Hagstrom wrote.

Business Insider also ran with the false narrative. They smeared Noem for not following the liberal lead taken against the pandemic. There is no evidence that South Dakota’s policies have caused an increase in the virus or have had any effect on the spread of the pandemic.

The media seems to be incensed because Noem is not backing presumptive President-elect Joe Biden:

Newsweek also joined the hit parade against Noem:

“As South Dakota continues grappling with COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations, Noem has consistently opposed a statewide mask mandate despite the state having the worst COVID-19 spikes in the nation. In a press conference on November 18, Noem said that her powers as governor don’t allow her to impose a statewide mask mandate. She also claimed that she’s “getting more concerned about how neighbors are treating neighbors” rather than the benefits of a statewide mask order.”

They did note that cases are steadily decreasing in the state but did not give Noem credit for that fact either.

“Some have said that my refusal to mandate masks is a reason why our cases are rising here in South Dakota, and that is not true,” Noem said.

“I’ve consistently said people that want to wear masks should wear masks and people who don’t should not be shamed because they choose not to,” she added.

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