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PA whistleblower details ‘forensically destructive’ vote canvassing procedures he witnessed

Gregory Stenstrom is a data scientist and a retired Naval officer. He also finds himself at the center of the election fraud maelstrom as a whistleblower. He appeared on “Hannity” Wednesday and told Sean that he was a poll watcher on Election Day in Pennsylvania and that he witnessed irregularities in the canvassing of ballots in a key Philadelphia-area county.

Stenstrom spoke on Hannity’s show along with two other sworn witnesses to canvassing irregularities just days after explosively testifying about his experiences at a hearing held by Republican state legislators last week. He claimed that as a certified poll watcher in Delaware County, he witnessed “at least 24” instances of USB drives being uploaded to computers in a Chester canvassing building without any outside oversight.

At the hearing, Stenstrom recounted that he had spent Election Day monitoring polling sites across the county and had been given the impression things were “well in hand” in Chester, with “10 to 20” Republican poll watchers monitoring the count. That was not the case when he arrived at the “remote” counting center at 6 p.m. and found he was unable to gain access for close to five hours.

Stenstrom stated that the USB drives at the counting center contained data from precinct scanners and were accompanied by ballots from election judges in various precincts, then uploaded to computers in a central location for overall tabulation.

“Those USB sticks are all supposed to come back with the ballots, with the cartridges and paper tapes … into the voting center,” he detailed. “What we found was a bunch of baggies that came in [and the] USB sticks and the paper tapes and the cartridges were all taken apart and co-mingled.”

According to Stenstrom, the situation was a “forensically destructive process.” He had previously testified that he saw envelopes separated from ballots and placed at one end of the counting room and stated that any recount made in an attempt to certify the validity of the vote tally would be useless.

“The notion of a recount in a forensically destructive process doesn’t work very well,” he testified at the hearing, explaining that in a 125,000-ballot recount, with 102,000 votes initially being tallied for Biden and 18,000 votes tallied for President Trump, a recount would produce the same results, but without the extra layer of verification of the validity of the ballots themselves.

“What I saw was a chain of custody in all cases that was broken,” he emphasized.

Stenstrom went on to tell Hannity that the morning after Election Day, he witnessed the voting warehouse supervisor “24-plus times with 24 sticks, actually, uploading votes from USB sticks,” he said. “I objected, I brought senior law enforcement over, we brought the clerk of elections over.”

When Stenstrom requested that canvassers “update the vote,” there was a 50,000-vote difference in favor of Joe Biden.

He had to file for a court order to try to get a substantive observation of the canvassing, but he was only allowed into the key room for “five minutes every two hours.”

“By the time we got back there, all of the mail-in ballots were counted. We had a universe of 126,000 mail-in ballots. 120,000 of which had been counted. We got back there, myself and the Democrat poll watcher as well, we found 70,000 unopened mail-in ballots,” he said. “We don’t know where they went, we don’t know why they weren’t counted, but we can’t figure out why there were 70,000 unopened ballots.”

Stenstrom also pointed out that at least 47 of the USB sticks are “missing.”

The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, which has mounted an independent investigation of voting and voter registration in several key battleground states, has stated: “Computer expert Gregory Stenstrom of Pennsylvania witnessed a vendor of Dominion machines and local election officials download and update counting machines in violation of election system protocol and the co-mingling of machine jump drives in violation of election protocols and rendering audits impossible without direct forensic access to the machines.”

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