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CNN’s Oliver Darcy schooled by Bret Baier in mid-show throw-down over lame accusations

One of the most respected journalists and anchors in real media is Bret Baier. He’s a consummate professional and hosts Fox News’ “Special Report.” So, of course, a bitter wannabe media hack from CNN would try and take him down a notch or two… and as CNN’s Oliver Darcy tried and failed to match wits with Baier, we were treated to a throw-down mid-show. Guess who won?

On Wednesday, Baier aired clips from President Trump’s 46-minute video alleging election fraud. Baier had guests and panelists give their thoughts on it afterward. Somehow Darcy thought he was invited to that party.

Attempting to troll Baier, Darcy accused him of “dereliction of duty” on Twitter. It’s unclear if someone like CNN’s water boy even knows what that term entails. Sister Toldjah says that Darcy is about as much of an expert on journalistic integrity as Bill Clinton is on the sanctity of marital vows. That seems like a pretty good fit, stains and all.

First, Darcy absolutely beclowned himself by positing the “dereliction of duty” quip after he claimed that Baier allegedly aired “multiple clips from Trump’s 44-minute voter fraud video without issuing any sort of fact-check on the nonsensical and wild claims Trump alleged.” That did not go well for Mr. Darcy. Not at all.

“Sorry you missed the beginning of the show Oliver. And the panel segment —but thanks for the tweet,” Baier wrote.

Bret Baier was in the middle of his show but was still watching Twitter evidently. He’s known for remaining totally calm under fire and he didn’t miss a beat as he unceremoniously b*tch-slapped Darcy up and down social media. Baier calmly fact-checked Darcy proving he can do a show and take down a liberal for the count at the same time.

Darcy, not knowing when to quit evidently, asked for more. He tweeted back in a style worthy of CNN.

“It’s great Kristin fact-checked at very start of your show. You then played a bunch of clips later and didn’t provide any of that necessary context. C’mon,” Darcy lamely whined.

Baier had had about enough of this less than entertaining exchange and informed Darcy that there actually was a discussion and analysis of Trump’s video on the show, which he either didn’t watch all the way through or conveniently left out because it wasn’t politically expedient. “It’s called balance. You should try it,” Baier slammed the heel-nipper in a mic-drop moment before moving on.

Ouch. Not that Darcy didn’t have that coming because boy did he. This is CNN.

Darcy tried to take a final swing at Baier and solidly missed.

Darcy did this after Project Veritas aired tapes of CNN’s conference calls where Zucker urged staff not to ‘normalize’ Trump’s behavior. Hypocrisy, thy name is CNN.

The CNN talking head attacked Baier the day before his 13-year-old son goes in for his fourth open-heart surgery. Baier has been open about the surgery, telling viewers that he plans to be off for multiple days and posting an Instagram story with his son just days ago in anticipation of the event.

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