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AOC offended when people make fun of her crazy-expensive, socialism-supporting merch

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may hate capitalism, capitalists and free markets.

But the New York Democrat, and self-proclaimed democratic socialist, sure didn’t mind acting more like a Musk than a Marx when it suited her needs.

On Thursday, AOC unveiled a collection of sorely overpriced merchandise as a way to raise money for her campaign war chest. She may need it.

AOC spent $13.5 million of the $17.3 million she raised in 2020 to defeat challenger John Cummings, a Republican who received $10 million in contributions, making that race the second most expensive House contest in the country this year.

To generate cash now, AOC is offering a collection of Green New Deal and SJW merch that surely appeals to the limousine liberals who back her causes.

On her website, you can snag a hoodie emblazoned with GND or a “Social, Economic & Racial Justice” for $65. At $58, it seems only the rich could obtain her “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt.

T-shirts proclaiming “AOC plus Me,” “Drink Water & Don’t Be Racist,” and other slogans, including promoting canceling student debt, go for $27, as do coffee cups and tote bags. Soviet-style posters can be had for $24. Your favorite open-borders proponent can have an “Abolish ICE” “dad hat” for $28. And Rover can look stylish and promote environmental awareness with a Green New Deal dog collar for $17.

The cheapest items – bumper stickers, lapel pins – go for just $5.

It seems counterintuitive, if not absolutely hypocritical, to declare your support for abolishing your student debt if you can afford to pay $27 for a lousy T-shirt saying that, or dumping a handful of sawbucks to swear fealty to the GND with a sweatshirt made partially out of polyester, a petroleum product. But that’s liberal logic.

For her part, AOC was apparently triggered when the mockery from the right kicked in.

“Republicans are freaking out bc we don’t use slave-wage labor for merch that funds grassroots organizing. But what’s the difference between Trump’s merch and ours? Ours is made in the US,” she tweeted. “(& for GOP who joke that we shld give for free, we actually do – just volunteer.)”

“Oh, and by the way,” she added in a second post, “Tax the Rich.”

AOC’s leaning into the criticism only invited more sarcasm.

“Don’t worry. The chinese knock offs of your merch will be hitting the market soon and sweat shirts won’t cost $58,” one tweeted.

Another Twitter user added, “‘just volunteer’ means ‘I allowed socialists to exploit my labor and all I got was a lousy t-shirt.'”

But AOC is not alone in her ignorance or duplicity on commenting on our tax system.

As the conservative Tax Foundation notes, the 1-percenters, or those who make at least $515,000 a year, pay 39 percent of all federal income taxes, while the bottom 90 percent paid just 30 percent collectively.

Meanwhile, the 50-percenters, meaning those in the top half of earners, with a salary beginning at $41,740 a year, pay 97 percent of all federal income taxes.

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