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Trump lawsuit seeks to nullify Biden win, claims 40,000 voted twice in NV, 1,500+ dead voters cast ballots

President Trump’s legal team officially filed a lawsuit to nullify a Biden win in the state of Nevada on Thursday. They told a Nevada judge that they have evidence that 40,000 people voted twice in the election and more than 1,500 dead voters cast ballots.

Biden allegedly won the Silver State by 33,596 votes. The results of the 2020 presidential election were certified last week by the state’s Supreme Court and Gov. Steve Sisolak (D), essentially securing the state’s six Electoral College votes for Biden.

Jesse Binnall, an attorney for the Trump campaign, told Carson City District Court Judge James Russell that 1,506 votes received in the general election came from deceased voters. He also alleged that 42,284 voters had voted twice, roughly 20,000 voters were found to have voted without a Nevada mailing address, and 2,468 voters had changed their address to another state.

The focus of the lawsuit is centered on Nevada’s election law that allows mail-in ballots to be sent to every individual without the ballot having first been requested. This was a practice that several Democratically-led states carried out amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Nevada GOP posted a video on Twitter on Thursday showing 20 binders they said contained evidence supporting their claims.

“We have testimony from multiple witnesses reporting that the USB drives used in the election would show that vote tallies changed overnight,” they stated on Twitter. “That means in the dead of night, votes would appear or disappear on these voting machines during early voting and Election Day.”

The evidence, which was not shown publicly, was partially obtained through DMV records, Binnall said, adding it was difficult to obtain other evidence in such a short timeframe. In his opening statement, Binnall said one whistleblower saw Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria holding a Joe Biden pen. One poll worker saw “handfuls” of mail-in ballots filled out on the side of a Biden bus.

During the ballot canvassing process, Gloria told the Clark County Commission his office found more than 900 discrepancies across more than 2,000 precincts. Gloria stated that they had found the discrepancies in tracking, moving from signature to manual signature verifications, as well as in the ballot curing process. The office also found five people voted twice.

Binnall proclaimed that Clark County lacked proper security and scrutiny over their voting machines.

“In the dead of night, votes appeared and votes reappeared without explanation, and there is no good explanation,” Binnall claimed.

Judge Russell contested this point, noting that there is no way to tell who voted for whom, and asked how this information changes the outcome of the election.

“In a court of law it’s evidence that counts, not tweets or social media bluster, not hearsay or speculation, it’s evidence and that’s what’s missing in the record before the court,” attorney Kevin Hamilton an attorney with Perkins Coie, representing the Democrats, stated.

Hamilton also argued that both Democratic and Republican districts across the U.S. use the same signature verification machine as Clark County, and noted that the county reported no issues of mass voter fraud during the June primary.

“Simply put, breathtaking relief requires breathtaking evidence,” Hamilton said. “But contestants stand before you with nothing of the sort.”

Hamilton said the evidence presented is “built on nothing more than speculation, conspiracy theories and a fundamental misunderstanding of the electoral process.”

He claimed a total of five other courts throughout the state have rejected claims that a signature verification machine used by Clark County election officials to process mail ballots would lead to voter fraud through acceptance of signatures that did not belong to the voter on file. He also said that attorneys for the defendants had deposed the manufacturer of the voting machine, who said that Clark County had not violated any specifications or used it in a way that would lead to non-matching signatures being accepted.

Hamilton also stated that the anonymous whistleblower depositions when read in full indicated a lack of solid evidence. He claims the witness who testified to seeing vote totals change overnight noted that there ultimately was no difference between the electronic totals on the voting machines and the paper audit trail used as a backup. He also put forth that a witness claiming ballots being filled out on the side of a Biden/Harris bus was “patently ludicrous,” and that the witness did not know if those alleged ballots were ever cast or counted.

“Ink is cheap,” he said. “The contestants spill a lot of it attempting to make up their patent lack of admissible evidence with enthusiasm and overstatement. But their zeal rather dramatically outstrips their evidence.”

“This election was fair, the votes were counted correctly and Joe Biden won. It’s time for the contestants to accept that,” Hamilton declared.

Binnall, who has complained that the Trump campaign was stonewalled in collecting evidence, said that the defendants could not “impeach the credibility” of the presented witnesses, and that evidence derided as “crazy” was indeed possible because the “election was administered in such a way that it was ripe for fraud.”

“That again may be circumstantial evidence, but it’s striking,” he said. “And of course the circumstantial evidence is worth no less weight, especially not with someone whose credibility is so strong.”

In written filings, Binneall tied voting drives in at least six Native communities around Nevada to the Biden campaign, and said voters illegally received items of value — gift and gas cards, raffle entries, and T-shirts — in exchange for “coming to the polling place and casting their votes.”

The Nevada Native Vote Project denied that accusation as “categorically false” and branded assumptions that members of the nonpartisan advocacy group favored Biden the product of a “sloppy and racist investigation.”

“This election was unfortunately stolen,” Binnall claimed. “We also know that all the evidence of fraud that we’ve brought to the court’s attention, all the evidence of fraud that we know of in Nevada, only comes from one side; the Biden side,” he said. “We cannot turn a blind eye with striking evidence like this. We cannot allow an election to be stolen. We cannot pretend that these voter irregularities and this vote fraud didn’t happen.”

Judge Russell did not enter his decision Thursday, saying he wanted to review all the evidence presented to him before making his decision. He said he will try and make that decision by Friday.

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