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Maxine Waters reportedly paid out big money to her daughter during election cycle

If we didn’t inhabit the Bizarro world our national media seems intent on keeping us in, Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings would be a ripe topic for public conversation and late-night comedy routines. After all, imagine if his last name was Trump.

But while Hunter glides through life on the gilded coattails of a powerful, if not particularly effective, lifelong politician, he is not the only prominent offspring of our political class to cash in from a parent’s supposed “public” service.

Take Karen Waters, for instance.

She is the daughter of California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee who, in January, will mark 30 years in Congress.

Fox News reported on Friday that Karen Waters received $240,000 from her mother’s campaign fund during the 2020 election cycle. The younger Waters is apparently paid as a consultant who handles mailed campaign ads and get-out-the-vote efforts. The elder Waters’ filings with the Federal Elections Commission indicate that her daughter conducts “slate” mailings, in which other candidates pay the veteran congresswoman to appear on ads sent to her South Central Los Angeles constituents.

This is not the first time Karen Waters has made bank with such an operation.

Fox linked to a Washington Free Beacon report from 2018 that indicated Karen Waters’ firm made about $203,000 during that election.

The Free Beacon further noted that Waters’ daughter had pulled in more than $600,000 from her mother’s campaign since 2006 with this operation. And that it’s been a who’s who of California Democratic politics who sought Rep. Waters’ blessing. Current U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Gov. Gavin Newsom paid $27,000 each to appear on Waters’ slate mailers, while the presumed new vice president, Kamala Harris, coughed up $63,000, according to the Free Beacon.

And it doesn’t end there.

Fox added that the Los Angeles Times had reported back in 2004 that members of Waters’ family had received more than $1 million from affiliations with her campaigns over an eight-year period. Waters subsequently distanced herself from those connections, Fox noted.

“They do their business and I do mine,” the congresswoman told the Times back then. “We are not bad people.”

Alas, it’s not just Karen Waters who’s seen a financial windfall from her mother’s political career.

In 2008, as the federal government was tossing cash at failing banks whose portfolios collapsed amid the mortgage-financing crisis, Waters went to bat to get relief aid for OneUnited, a bank in which her husband owned $175,000 worth of stock. According to Newsweek, Waters “arranged a meeting between the National Bankers Association (NBA), a trade group that represents minority-owned banks, and the Treasury Department, and that a representative of OneUnited was the only member of the National Bankers Association to attend the meeting.”

OneUnited eventually secured a $12 million relief package from the government. The House Ethics Committee, under the House’s Democratic majority, investigated for three years before clearing Waters.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t appear this gravy train will be derailed any time soon for Karen Waters. According to the Cook Political Report, Congresswoman Waters has a “partisan voting index” of plus-29, which means support for her in her district runs 29 points more Democratic than in congressional districts across the nation.

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