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‘Even worse than the anti-maskers’ Trevor Noah delivers smackdown to hypocritical Dems

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, looking decidedly scruffy, went off on hypocritical Democrats on his Thursday show. Numerous Democrats have been caught breaking their own pandemic mandates over the last several months in a seemingly elitist do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do trend. They have openly violated their own Covid-19 guidelines by traveling and attending indoor events with large groups of people. Then they tell their constituents that they need to stay home, wear a mask, skip the holidays, and hunker down or they will kill others by spreading the virus. Noah was having none of it on his show.

California Governor Gaven Newsom (D) has become the poster child for such gaffes by being caught eating at a swanky California eatery with 12 people in attendance, all maskless. San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) also attended events at the Napa County restaurant last month. This infuriated observers who called out their hypocrisy. Breed even violated her own Covid-19 guidelines when she attended the party — just one day after Newsom received backlash for his actions.

On to Austin, Texas where Mayor Steve Adler posted a video urging his constituents to “stay home” in early November but then forgot to mention that he was recording the message from his beachfront timeshare in Mexico.

As the Austin American-Statesman reported, “As he pressed the public to help stop the spread of the virus in recent weeks, Adler had not previously disclosed details of his private actions. He gave no indication in his Facebook video that he was outside the city as he discussed Austin’s rising number of cases and reviewed the number of hospital patients.”

Trevor got fed up with all the hypocrisy and addressed it after discussing former presidents who have vowed to take the impending vaccine. He blasted the Democratic politicians for their actions.

“Oh man, come on! What is it with these Democrats?” Noah asked after playing Adler’s tone-deaf, hypocritical message.

Noah then mockingly mimicked the Austin mayor’s message to the public: “This is your mayor here, telling you to stay home and stay safe. Do the right thing … All my boys in the pool know what I’m talking about! Say what’s up, everybody!”

“I’m sorry, man. Everyone has given up their lives and then you’ve got these politicians who are just hypocrites out here? What, you guys think corona respects your office too much to come after you? Because don’t forget: it got the president of the United States, it’s not going to be star-struck by Governor Hair Gel,” Noah added, taking a biting irreverent swing at Newsom.

The host added that he knows Republicans are also hosting large soirées and maskless indoor dinners, but pointed out that people expect that from them.

“In a way, these Democrats are even worse than the anti-maskers because of their hypocrisy,” stated Noah. “At least when those dudes break the rules they’re open about it.”

Coronavirus vaccines are purportedly almost here. But convincing the American people to take them will prove a challenge, given that many don’t wear masks and don’t trust government officials. A shot would be “a mask that hurts,” says Trevor Noah.

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