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CNN fanboy-ing for Biden is the most disturbing thing you’ll see all week

What is with some journalists and the politicians they “cover”?

In 2008, National Review’s Rich Lowry went ga-ga over Sarah Palin, noting that the wink she made during her VP-nomination acceptance speech “sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America.” That same year, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said after one of Barack Obama’s speeches that he “felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often.”


Well, after four years of maliciously spreading lies and hatred of President Donald Trump in order to divide the country, perhaps forever, the media fanboys are ready to pick up those palm fronds and start waving them again. After all, as lefty late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said the other day, it’s going to be a “boring four years” with Joe Biden in the White House.

CNN offers an example.

Biden and running mate Kamala Harris withstood yet another flurry of softballs from the media, this time from CNN’s Jake Tapper. After it was over, Tapper told fellow CNN host Don Lemon, “You don’t have to really steel yourself for the potential reaction when you bring up uncomfortable subjects,” which included such heavy subjects as asking how Biden “feels” about becoming president and possible disagreements with Harris. “There just wasn’t the, you know, attack that we in the fourth estate have been used to. So that was unusual.”

Of course, Tapper forgot to point out that the media’s SOP was to throw the first punch at the current White House occupant and then whine about a response.

Nonetheless, Lemon was fully on board. He replied: “It feels like we are watching … a president-elect and a president who are on Earth One and Earth Two. And at this particular Earth that is in reality, it was very normal, very sedate. And it was welcoming news. It was good to watch. It was good to actually get content. We heard no fake news. We heard no conspiracy theories. We heard no personal grievances. We heard a President-Elect and a vice president who want to work with the other side.”

In writing about Tapper’s interview on CNN.com, the network’s media critic, Brian Stelter, whose criticism only goes one way, toward the right, picked up on Lemon’s rejoinder. “‘No fake news:’ That’s the yardstick now, since Trump routinely lies to his interviewers, even his super-fans like Maria Bartiromo.”


Remember, since CNN apparently can’t, or won’t, that Biden was forced from one of his presidential bids because he plagiarized the life of another politician – from Britain. Moreover, left-wing journalist Shaun King documented earlier this year 31 times that Biden had lied about his involvement in the civil rights movement. And lest we forget, Biden has repeatedly lied about the most sympathy-inducing incident of his very, very long political career – that, Curtis Dunn, the man who killed his first wife and young daughter in a tragic traffic accident in 1972 was a drunk driver. An investigation at the time revealed the accident was Mrs. Biden’s fault, that Dunn was not intoxicated and even tried to render aid. Dunn’s children have repeatedly asked Biden to apologize or stop talking about their father, a plea that’s fallen on deaf ears.

That list of prevarications could continue.

But, don’t worry. For the mainstream media, after four tumultuous years of Donald Trump, it’ll be smooth sailing with Joe Biden. After all, unlike his real pet that’s been blamed for causing Biden to break his ankle, they’re lapdogs.

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