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Local news investigation claims to debunk Georgia’s secret ballot counting surveillance video

WSB Channel 2, a local Atlanta, Georgia new station, went frame by frame through the CCTV surveillance at the Atlanta’s State Farm Arena where it appeared that officials pulled cases of ballots from beneath tables to count after workers and observers were sent home for the night during the election. Rudy Giuliani called the video “smoking gun” evidence of voter fraud but election officials claim the incident had already been investigated and nothing nefarious occurred.

The officials state the cases were actual ballot boxes containing approximately 6,000 ballots each. They say a mistake occurred where workers believed they were done for the night and left. A supervisor made a call and several workers removed the cases and started counting because they were told it was too early to end off. There were no observers present during the count.

It should be noted that the claim of a burst pipe was also false. Text messages emerged showing that nothing had burst. Instead, there was a quickly contained slow leak that didn’t even generate a work order.

Republicans also state that their observers were not allowed to really watch the count. They had an extremely limited view of the tables near them, and they were nowhere near the tables where the actual counting took place.

Frances Watson, the chief investigator for Georgia’s secretary of state stated that Republican and Trump campaign observers were not told to leave and that the ballots scanned in the surveillance video had already been counted. Watson added that the ballots put through the scanners amounted to around 10,000, which was less than Joe Biden’s 12,670 vote margin over Trump in the state. However, as stated previously, those cases potentially held approximately 6,000 ballots each, so there is a potential discrepancy there as well.

WSB investigative reporter Justin Gray explained the mystery ballot incident: “We spent a lot of time today with the state’s lead investigator,” Gray stated. “We looked at that video for hours, going through it very carefully, looking not just at that short clip that Rudy Giuliani shared, but also the critical hours before it and after it, going through the chain of custody for those ballots in question the entire time.”

The footage was then aired of Gray reviewing the video with a Georgia Secretary of State investigator and the state’s election chief, Gabriel Sterling, who has recently called out President Trump for fueling what he claims are violent threats against state officials and then slamming the president’s 46-minute Facebook election speech as “looney tunes.”

Georgia election investigator Frances Watson discussed what the video revealed. “We can show, yeah exactly when [the ballot boxes] were placed under there,” she pointed out.

“If we go back in the video hours before, you can see that table being brought into the room at 8:22 a.m. Nothing underneath. No hidden suitcases. Then we can see at 10:00 p.m., with a room full of people, including official monitors in the media, as ballots that have been opened but not counted are placed in the boxes sealed up and stored under the table,” Gray reported.

Sterling heatedly defended the incident.

“No magical appearing ballots, these were ballots that were processed in front of monitors,” he explained. “These are just typical everyday election workers who were just doing their jobs. I mean, it’s not like this is an Oceans 11-level scheme has put together in the middle of the night.”

Gray ended his report by saying that Watson had reviewed all the relevant video and facts about the claim and concluded there was “no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing.”

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