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Comedian tackles Dem lawmakers’ Covid edicts and nails it

A viral video from @EddieZipperer hit Twitter on Friday and it encompasses the hypocrisy of Democrats who have been caught blatantly violating their own pandemic mandates. It’s appropriately entitled: “A message from every Democrat who holds public office.” The practice is now being referred to as “shutdowns for thee but not for me.”

High-profile elected Democratic officials have apologized for embarrassing instances in which they were caught dining indoors, traveling abroad, or celebrating political victories in the streets, contrary to their own guidelines for social behavior during the resurgent pandemic.

There are numerous examples of this hypocrisy at play. Let’s start with Austin Mayor Steve Adler who hosted 20 guests at an outdoor wedding and reception for his daughter at a hotel in downtown Austin in early November. The following day he boarded a private jet with seven of the wedding guests and flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a vacation at the family timeshare.

“We need to stay home if you can,” Adler said in a Facebook video message to Austin residents that was later widely mocked. “This is not the time to relax. We are going to be looking really closely. … We may have to close things down if we are not careful.”

Adler filmed the Facebook video message from Mexico, one night into the trip.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom faced a massive backlash following reports that he attended a large dinner at a restaurant in Napa Valley. The event was attended by several couples outside his household including lobbyists. Newsom has urged constituents to avoid social gatherings that mix households. No masks were worn and there were 12 people at the event.

“I made a bad mistake,” Newsom said during a press briefing a few days later.

“The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was contradicted, and I got to own that,” he said during the apology. “I need to preach and practice, not just preach and not practice, and I’ve done my best to do that. We’re all human. We all fall short sometimes.”

The next night, San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) had her own birthday party at the same restaurant.

Another example occurred the day before Thanksgiving when Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock urged his constituents to remain in their households and refrain from travel during the holiday if they could.

That same day, he boarded a plane to join his wife and daughter in Mississippi.

The decision ignited calls of hypocrisy, and the mayor issued a public apology to those “angry and disappointed” in his decision.

In San Jose, California, Mayor Sam Liccardo got caught attending a Thanksgiving meal with more households than currently allowed under state regulations.

In a statement posted on social media, Mayor Sam Liccardo said the gathering at his parents’ house consisted of eight people from five households. Restrictions issued Nov. 13 limit gatherings at a private household to three, he acknowledged.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) has been criticized for celebrating without a mask on in a crowded street after presumptive President-elect Joe Biden was declared the likely winner of the White House. Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) was also criticized for traveling to Delaware for an election night party for Biden, which she deemed to be “essential travel.”

Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Sheila Kuehl is being labeled a hypocrite by Californians after visiting an eatery in Santa Monica, CA last week, just hours after she voted to ban outdoor dining at restaurants in the county due to COVID-19 safety concerns. She was spotted dining outside at Il Forno Trattoria, an Italian restaurant near her house. She had referred to outside dining as “a most dangerous situation” during an L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting last Tuesday.

“This is a serious health emergency and we must take it seriously,” Kuehl emphatically stated. “The servers are not protected from us, and they’re not protected from their other tables that they’re serving at that particular time, plus all the hours in which they’re working.”

Public health experts say that it’s critical for elected officials to practice what they preach, particularly at a time when the death count is rising and the hospital system is straining under the caseload.

“It is very frustrating to see political figures making recommendations that they expect the public to follow but that they themselves do not follow in their personal lives,” said Jeff Flier, the former dean of Harvard Medical School.

“I can’t imagine anything that would be more likely to undermine the ability of an elected official to gain the public trust. … It undermines that trust and makes it less likely that you’ll be able to effectuate the policies you’re trying to put forward,” he said.

“The Democrats doing this are really stepping in it and these are boneheaded mistakes and a failure to lead by example. When you’re in public office, you have a responsibility to go above and beyond,” said Neil Sroka, a progressive strategist.

Remarks this week by CNN anchor Brianna Keilar brought the hypocrisy into stark relief.

“The past few weeks brought into relief a pattern of leaders failing to lead by example, asking Americans to make sacrifices that they, themselves, are unwilling to make, and appearing sorry only when they’re caught,” Keilar announced in a segment Thursday about the controversies.

The New York Post nailed it, “As the nation tires of quarantines, boredom and loneliness, the same politicians who find glee in slapping wrists and dooming small businesses regularly break the rules, in letter and in spirit, when they want to.”

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