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HBO producing ‘Nice White Parents’ comedy: Guess who is shown as insensitive, inept, and uncaring?

Because when all else turns off listeners and viewers, the media throws down the race card thinking it will draw in an audience. HBO has obtained the rights to the ‘Nice White Parents’ podcast and intends to turn it into a comedy. The original podcast blames education inequities largely on wealthy white parents. It addresses segregation and ‘white privilege’.

The podcast was created by NPR host Chana Joffe-Walt and Serial Productions.

HBO is portraying the show as a satirical look at the conflict and comedy that arise when wealthy white parents, who claim to have the best intentions, exercise their influence over generations of students of color within the New York public school system. The series showcases middle-class parents who start sending their kids to a neighborhood middle/high school in Brooklyn previously populated by students of color from low-income families.

It claims to showcase a disturbing trend of well-off white parents inserting themselves into the New York public education system and negatively impacting the well-being of brown and Black students. I ask you, who doesn’t find this hilarious? And how is this NOT racist and prejudicial?

The storyline is fixated on wealth, race, and public schools. Guess who is shown as insensitive, inept, and uncaring? I’ll give you hint, they are well-to-do, middle-class, nice parents. Which somehow seems to be a bad thing in this series.

Evidently, the podcast focuses on some sort of perceived inequality. As Joffe-Walt says in the podcast, “We can be in the same school together and not be equal, just like we can be in the same country together. It’s not enough. What do we do about that?” That is a very un-American viewpoint. Instead, it seems to embrace the Marxist view of forcing everyone to be on the same level regardless of work ethic or ability.

Perhaps the schooling problems in New York, which include overcrowding, violence, and truancy, would be better addressed by having school choice and privatizing the school system. Those concepts are far too conservative for liberal New Yorkers so instead, white parents are being blamed along with the notion of ability. Bring everyone down so all can revel in mediocrity.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources have claimed that HBO won the rights to Nice White Parents following a fierce round of negotiations that included bidders such as the Obamas and Netflix. That is not shocking in the least. The five-part podcast launched in July and allegedly focuses on building a better school system and the challenges that must be navigated in order to do so, all revolving around racial and class tensions.

HBO heavyweights Rae and McKay have signed on to executive produce ‘Nice White Parents’ through their respective production companies – Issa Rae Productions and Hyperobject Industries. Rae is the star and executive producer of the series ‘Insecure’, and McKay is the mastermind behind the Emmy-winning series ‘Succession’.

‘Nice White Parents’ will be produced within HBO, which is currently contracted with both Rae and Adam McKay’s companies as part of overall deals.

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