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‘I’m a f***ing teacher!’ Unhinged woman screams ‘kill yourself’ at anti-lockdown protestors

And people wonder why parents home school. A woman who claims to be a teacher in Bend, Oregon, and who is the poster child for mental instability, came unhinged while driving by a bunch of anti-lockdown protesters and yelled at them “I’m a teacher!” and “kill yourself!”… while her mask was pulled down. Ironic, no?

The insensed educator pulled up to the protesters and pulled down her mask. She then proceeded to lean out her window and start shouting at protesters while flipping them off. It is definitely a must-watch video. Just imagine this woman teaching your kids. Geez.

“B*tch, kill yourself!” She screamed. “I’m a f**king teacher! I work at school! F**k you! F**k you! I am a f**king teacher! My students’ families are dying!”

I sincerely doubt she’s an English teacher, but who knows these days.

Give the protesters credit, they did not engage in this woman’s invective spewage. They chanted “USA!” at her as she continued foaming at the mouth.

Showing how disingenuous she really was, once the woman realized she was being caught on video, she waves and says “hi,” before continuing her rant and driving off.

She’s a fine example of what you can expect from the teachers union in Oregon who have actively protested alongside Black Lives Matter, health care workers, and other public sector workers. Teachers marching for BLM identify themselves by wearing red shirts. How apropos.

The protest was held by anti-mask and anti-lockdown advocates. Many were parents who just want their kids to be able to go back to school. Protesters have been at this now for weeks, including in front of Gov. Kate Brown’s house. In Bend, on Nov. 30, police were called on the protestors, who believe that their rights were more essential than Brown’s orders.

Like many other liberal Democratic governors and mayors, Brown has mandated that anyone who is outside of their home and unable to socially distance by at least six feet must wear a face mask.

The woman who came unglued is typical of Biden acolytes who are imploring all of us to ‘unite’ or something. And it probably never occurred to her that by pulling down her mask she was guilty of doing exactly what she was railing against. Liberal logic at play.

This teacher went full ‘Karen’ on everyone in attendance at the protest. She’s definitely a candidate for anger management.

Dozens of frustrated families gathered Sunday in Oregon to express the need to reopen K-12 schools and return to safe, in-person learning.

The coalition of parent groups is demanding in‐person options for every Oregon student by January 6 — the 300th day of school closures.

Here are the groups’ demands:

1) Mandate in‐person options for every Oregon child by January 6, 2021.

2) Prioritize teachers and school staff in programs for both vaccination and COVID testing by clearly identifying school employees as essential workers.

3) Focus on ventilation in schools, adopting low‐cost solutions in the short‐term while providing funding for long‐term improvements.

4) Open school grounds for children.

Sounds sane to me. Instead of shouting at these people, maybe this so-called teacher should focus more on her students and less on highly politicized mask mandates.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel released a statement saying: “My philosophy is content-neutral, meaning, it applies to people who gather for ‘liberal’ causes and to people who gather for ‘conservative’ causes.”

“I encourage people to wear masks and maintain social distance,” he stated, “so we can save lives, save businesses, and save parent’s sanity by getting kids back to school.”

Hummel said that he would not file charges against the protestors despite believing that “the governor’s mask mandate is constitutionally sound.”

“However,” he went on, “if the mandate is applied to situations in which the public gathers to exercise a constitutional right (in this case, to assemble to redress their government), it would create a conflict between the lawful mask law and the constitutional right that is being exercised.”

“How should such legal conflicts be resolved? As long as people who gather to exercise a constitutional right are not violent or destructive when doing so, I generally defer to protecting their constitutional rights over the enforcement of any statutory violations they may commit while exercising their rights.”

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