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MSNBC anchor suggests NJ Gov ‘actually punish these people’ who don’t obey COVID rules

Offering a mix of the hysteria and the desire to control other people’s lives Americans have witnessed so often from liberals during the coronavirus outbreak, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle took to the airwaves on Monday to urge New Jersey’s governor to “punish” people whom she believes were spreading the virus.

It was an astonishing segment, for what was said and what was not said, for its hypocrisy and blatant political bias.

The impetus for Ruhle’s rant was a party that occurred in a Jersey City, New Jersey, restaurant over the weekend. Members of a New York City Republican club crossed the Hudson River reportedly to escape New York’s draconian COVID-19 regulations. Photos of the event showed attendees flouting rule for masks and social distancing.

In her segment, Ruhle hosted Democratic Gov, Phil Murphy, who complained about the “jerks,” including GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida, the apparent guest of honor at the event, who came from New York and actually supported one of his state’s businesses.

“The New York Young Republicans couldn’t hold the event in New York because the rules wouldn’t permit it, but they held the gala here in our state,” Ruhle thundered. “You called out Congressman Matt Gaetz… but here’s the thing: Matt Gaetz doesn’t care! He doesn’t care if you call him a putz, he doesn’t care that you don’t want him in New Jersey, he loves this national news!”

“But now,” she continued, “those people who broke the rules could be spreading this virus and killing people across our state! You’re the one who makes the rules! Do you need to put more restrictions in place and actually punish these people?”

Later, after Murphy noted New Jersey has the same rules as New York, Rhule added, “But maybe people would care more and listen more if there were more punitive consequences, right? In your rules, you’re urging people who come into New Jersey from out of town to quarantine, but all it is is an honor system! Matt Gaetz didn’t follow it! Do you need to do something more than an honor system? Lives are at risk!”

Murphy, remarkably, went on to complain about a lack of a federal response to controlling sickness and deaths in the state he runs.

What Ruhle didn’t tell her audience is that, despite all of Murphy’s rules, her home state led the world – not just the U.S. – in the death rate for COVID, long before Rep. Gaetz and some GOPers showed up for a party. New Jersey clocks in at 1,967 deaths per 1 million residents, which is more than double the national rate and ruins 10 times the global rate, according to the Worldometers coronavirus tracker. Why is New Jersey so far ahead of the pack if these rules work so well?

Ruhle also glided right over Murphy’s answer when he said that while the GOP event was “under investigation,” he worries most about “somebody’s living room, a private setting where no amount of enforcement can get into every living room or private setting in our state. That to me is where our biggest challenge is” – not parties like the Republican event.

She also ignored Murphy’s proposed remedies. For instance, among the things he called for was invoking the federal Defense Production Act. Murphy didn’t say exactly what this would do, but Ruhle failed to point out that President Donald Trump did just that in the spring to ramp up the production of ventilators and personal protective equipment.

Murphy also called for federal coronavirus relief.

Ruhle again let this slide by without pointing out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly blocked efforts to increase federal COVID relief, and recently revealed that she did so in order to help Joe Biden on the election.

Additionally, apart from interviewing Murphy, Ruhle then showed why none of this really matters.

On NBC News’ website on Monday, she posted a piece about her own family’s struggle with COVID, which appeared in her home when her husband tested positive the day before Thanksgiving.

Ruhle complained that she contracted the virus despite doing “all the right things.” She then ranted about labs losing her husband’s initial test results, or not notifying her of her own results.

“Forget about contact tracing calls; making them was insanely difficult. So many of the people I might have exposed didn’t want to hear it. The people I came in contact with and the big-box stores I spent time in seemed to have no interest in when I might have exposed them. None of the stores took my temperature, but even if they had done so, it wouldn’t have made a difference – I had no fever.”

Ruhle then griped about “no consequences for people who don’t self-isolate while they wait several days just to get results, especially if they have no or minimal symptoms. And then there are people who may know they are spreading the coronavirus and simply don’t care. Any of these scenarios is possible, because there is no comprehensive national containment plan.”

Her one remedy is for the U.S. to copy Hong Kong or South Korea, where “a positive test means two weeks in a government-sponsored quarantine hotel, with meals provided.” “Here,” she laments, after noting she got to stay in her swanky New Jersey home while her husband rode out COVID in their New York City apartment, “almost the entire system is reliant on personal responsibility.”

And yet, notes Ruhle, who said she did everything right, “I still don’t know where we got Covid-19.” But that’s OK, her answer is to lock everyone up and shut everything down.

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