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Kayleigh McEnany on fire, says ‘Despicable’ Kemp ‘is no different than Stacey Abrams’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany did not mince any words when addressing the actions of Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp when speaking with Sean Hannity on Monday night. She doubled down on Twitter: “Right now, Governor Brian Kemp is no different than failed gubernatorial leftist Stacey Abrams. It’s quite simple: Call a special legislative session to demand SIGNATURE MATCH — an electoral safeguard for 11/3/20 & for 1/5/21. Sad to see INDISCERNIBLE RINOs & Dems!”

Kemp was staunchly supported by President Trump and Republicans in his 2018 gubernatorial race against Stacey Abrams. That led to Kemp winning the race. Now, it appears that Kemp is refusing to stand with his party and his president in the face of alleged voter fraud. They claim he has the power and authority to call a special legislative session to call for a mandatory signature match. So far, Kemp has refused to do so claiming the move is unconstitutional.

There are calls for both Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in Georgia to be recalled over all of this. Many Americans are convinced that the Georgia election was rife with voter fraud and see Kemp as feckless and weak for not doing something about it.

McEnany demanded Kemp convene that special session to “allow for signature match” and accused him of trying to “deceive voters.” Then she slammed Kemp: “Governor Kemp is no different than Stacey Abrams right now. She did this consent decree, and by not doing this, Governor Kemp is Stacey Abrams and that is despicable.”

Time is running out for the Trump team to prove their case on voter fraud. Many believe they already have, but that the election and judicial systems are stacked and rigged against them and will, in effect, allow Democrats to steal the election.

On Tuesday, instead of focusing on what the governor of Georgia should or should not be doing concerning voter fraud, the media twisted McEnany’s words falsely claiming that she said that Biden won the presidency.

The Hill posited that McEnany on Sunday implicitly acknowledged that Joe Biden won the presidential election against President Trump.

“McEnany, while appearing on Fox News in her personal capacity as a Trump campaign adviser, said that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate if Republicans lost the two Senate seats in Georgia.”

“She did so as she criticized Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R).”

“False, Gov. Kemp,” McEnany said. “You have the power to call in a special legislative session because right now, if we lose these two Senate seats, guess who’s casting the deciding vote in this country for our government? It will be Kamala Harris. Call for the special legislative session.”

McEnany’s interview followed Trump’s appearance in Georgia on Saturday night at an explosive and jam-packed rally for GOP candidates Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

“At stake in this election is control of the Senate and that really means control of this country,” Trump told the crowd. “You will decide whether your children grow up in a socialist country or whether they grow up in a free country.”

The president has lambasted Kemp in tweets and public statements saying he was “ashamed” to have endorsed him during his gubernatorial bid. He has also slammed Raffensperber as a “disaster.”

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