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Actor Michael Rapaport takes California leadership to task over arbitrary virus shutdowns

Actor Michael Rapaport is ticked off at California politicians after he saw an apparently bustling flea market open while restaurants continue to face coronavirus restrictions. He doesn’t get why outdoor dining should be arbitrarily shut down but a flea market can stay open. Rapaport joins many other Californians in his anger and confusion over selective COVID mandates being imposed by the likes of Governor Newsom and LA Mayor Garcetti.

He’s fed up with different rules applying to different people and businesses without any logical explanation. Now, he’s attacking California’s imposed COVID mandates.

“Yo, look at this s–t,” Rapaport stated in an Instagram video posted on Sunday.

“The f—in’ Melrose-Fairfax farmer’s market is poppin’! And I have no problem with all of these people making their money and making a living but how the f–k is this okay but right across the street, all the cafes, all of the restaurants are shut down?” he demanded.

He proceeded to call out Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and Gov. Gavin Newsom, who both have faced massive backlash for the restrictions they imposed during the pandemic. It was an impressively foul-mouthed rant.

“Look at this s–t!” Rapaport angrily commented. “Get your money, but who’s making the decisions here? Garcetti, you f–k! Gavin Newsom with the f—in’ good hair! You f–k! Look they got the music playing and all of this s–t. This s–t don’t make any f—in sense. This don’t make any f—in sense. This is why m———–s are pissed off and protesting!”

This follows a Los Angeles bar owner who made a viral video slamming Mayor Eric Garcetti and CA Governor Gavin Newsom for their hypocrisy in selectively shutting down outdoor dining. Her business has had to shut down their outdoor patio while right next to them Garcetti has allowed a Hollywood movie crew to set up an outdoor dining area.

Angela Marsden, owner of Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood, broke down crying over the restrictions.

“I’m losing everything,” she tearfully said. “Everything I own is being taken away from me and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio, which is right over here,” she continued, her voice trembling with emotion. “And people wonder why I’m protesting and why I have had enough.

“They have not given us money and they have shut us down. We cannot survive, my staff cannot survive,” she said, returning to her business.

Business owners have been barely holding on from the pandemic restrictions as outdoor dining was banned at the end of November and indoor dining for a longer period before that. Many are folding and going out of business.

In an order issued last week, Garcetti said the city was “now close to a devastating tipping point, beyond which the number of hospitalized patients would start to overwhelm our hospital system, in turn risking needless suffering and death.”

The order allows certified farmers markets to operate “only if they are able to obtain written approval from the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) and only according to the guidelines and set forth by BSS.”

Remember, Rapaport is not conservative in the least. This is the guy who said Trump should expose his children to coronavirus back in March to ensure it’s safe for people to go back to work:

“Why don’t you send your f***ing son, d**k stain Donald Trump Jr., big-toothed f***ing Eric Trump, little f***ing Barron, f***ing Ivanka, junkyard Jared — let them go out there and test the f***ing waters,” Rapaport said. “Let them see if s**t is sweet. Let them take the cars, the trains, the buses, the Amtrak, let them play in the park. And if everything’s good after five days of them playing out there in the streets, we’ll all go back.”

Rapaport is not known for his mental stability but it would seem that like so many other Californians, he’s had enough of the random COVID authoritarian restrictions.

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