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House GOP leader trolls outgoing Dems with biting photo

The GOP’s down-ballot success on Election Day apparently has the top House Republican feeling feisty.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., took a shot at Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week when he called out Democratic leaders for their lackadaisical work ethic – at least according to their posted schedule.

“House Democrats have scheduled 101 days of work for next year – a 25% reduction,” McCarthy tweeted on Sunday. “Let me say it again: 101 working days. For the whole year. Laziest Congress in modern history.”

McCarthy most likely was referring to the fact that, according to Ballotpedia, from 2001 to 2018 the House was in session 140 days a year on average. At a press conference, McCarthy added, “Sixty Democrats yesterday, one third of them, didn’t show up for work – just voted by proxy and still got paid. And now they found out they don’t even have to work as much as they did. … A 25% reduction, with only scheduled 101 days. They’ll probably become the laziest Congress we have ever had.”

Well, McCarthy took another swipe at the opposition, as it gathered the fallen for a bit of recalling the “auld lang syne.”

House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland joined the rank and file in his party who were beaten on Election Day for a photo op.

The picture, posted on social media by Politico congressional bureau chief John Bresnahan, shows Hoyer surrounded by 10 Democrats, all masked up, in the Capitol.

“Do not lose heart,” Hoyer told the group, who will be leaving office in January, according to Bresnahan.

In response, McCarthy posted a photo of himself wearing a broad grin and walking alone through the same area.

“Here’s a group photo of me with all the House Republicans who lost races this year,” he tweeted.

Others on the right joined McCarthy in trolling the other side.

“This photo is a regular who’s who of Democrats who begged Speaker Pelosi to negotiate on COVID relief before the election. Unfortunately she left them hanging out to dry and now they are seeing new employment,” tweeted Matt Whitlock, a former spokesman for former GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah.

“But…. but…… the Blue Wave or something…….,” another Twitter user tweeted in reply to Bresnahan. Another added, “Well they won’t be getting any COVID stimulus package relief. Maybe AOC can get them a hook up at a bar or something.”

Even Bresnahan expressed his admiration, tweeting at McCarthy, “Quality trolling.”

Democrats controlled 232 House seats headed into Election Day, and many liberals had convinced themselves the anticipated blue wave would be a tsunami. Fivethirtyeight.com, for example, maintained the Democrats could have as many as 254 seats when the dust settled.

Instead, Republicans flipped 13 seats, while not losing any incumbents, and handed Pelosi the smallest House majority in a generation.

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