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Where’s Waldo Joe says he wants the GOP ‘to die’; calls Barry O a ‘glorified state senator’

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough is not just the front-runner in the next “Where’s Waldo?” lookalike contest. He also appears to be applying to be an adjunct member of the ridicule-worthy Lincoln Project.

Scarborough, in another lifetime, was a Republican congressman from Florida’s Panhandle. Yet in the Trump era, he has devolved into a Rachel Maddow wannabe – as was evident from an interview he gave to the liberal hosts of “The Realignment” podcast, on which he appeared to promote his new book about Democratic President Harry Truman.

During the interview, according to a transcript of the broadcast, Scarborough maintained that he is “a small government conservative,” as well as “a free market, free enterprise guy.” But then Scarborough goes on and proves that he really is just the kind of “conservative” that MSNBC loves.

For one thing, he notes that Truman was one of his “heroes” and one person who inspired him to get into politics – along with Sen. Bobby Kennedy. As president, Truman, we should recall, once proposed a national, universal single-payer healthcare system and repeatedly vetoed bills to cut taxes passed by the Republican-led Congress. An odd choice of an icon for a “small government conservative.”

Scarborough’s contempt for President Donald Trump is deep and well publicized. In the interview he trots out the liberal tropes that Trump is a “racist,” a “bigot” and a “fascist.”

But then he has some interesting things to say about others in his former party.

Take President George W. Bush, for example. Scarborough said he did “extraordinary things,” such as helping fight AIDS in Africa. But he added, “As much as I liked George W. Bush personally, I considered him an absolute failure as a president. And it stung me more because I thought he hurt American conservatism. I thought he hurt the Republican Party. And I thought he hurt our country globally.”


On the economy, Scarborough stated that he is “extraordinarily skeptical of The Wall Street Journal editorial page and CEOs and hedge fund managers,” and he goes on to praise liberal investment guru Warren Buffett.

“I am not a Wall Street Journal editorial page conservative. I don’t think I ever have been. I don’t think what’s good for Wall Street is good for America. I don’t believe that if the less taxes billionaires and multi-millionaires pay the better off it is for Americans,” Scarborough told his hosts.

“I wouldn’t trust anybody in Washington to just blindly cut taxes and blindly cut regulations like my party has been doing over the past 25 years because it leads to gross inequities that actually threatens American capitalism, and I am an American capitalist, but what we have done over the past quarter-century has damaged capitalism and has undermined people’s confidence in American capitalism because the income disparity is so grotesque,” added Scarborough, sounding much like limousine liberals Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders.

Speaking of Obama, in what could be called a sop to actual conservatives, Scarborough called the 44th president one of the “most important” in U.S. history, for advancing civil rights in America.

Yet, in a move that may alienate some of his lefty friends and viewers, Scarborough also dubbed Obama “a glorified state senator that came to Washington,” and much like Bush and Trump, “didn’t really like being in Washington” and “would prefer to watch ESPN most of the day to actually being president of the United States.”

But for all the blather he aired about his conservative bona fides, which he reiterated despite acknowledging that while in Congress “all my friends would be Democrats,” the interview made clear that Scarborough’s view of Republicans isn’t all that different from that held by The Squad, Maddow, or filmmaker Michael Moore.

For instance, he said the “Republicans were horrific” to Obama, especially during debate on the Affordable Care Act. On that, Scarborough, the “small government conservative,” said, “I think our healthcare system is an absolute disgrace. And I think we need to actually fix Obamacare and expand upon Obamacare.”

Moreover he said, “(Sen.) Mitch McConnell has proven that he operates in bad faith time and time again.” On the other hand, the Republicans he does like include Sens. Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, which should not be a surprise since they have been consistent critics, if not foes, of Trump’s agenda.

He called Trump’s immigration policy, as supported by congressional Republicans, a “moral crisis” and added that he hopes that under Joe Biden Republicans will support immigration reforms, such s the amnesty and open-borders deals Bush once tried to cut with the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Scarborough also labeled Trump’s tax cuts “grotesque” for enriching 1-percenters, without even pausing to consider that the measure boosted household incomes and employment for all earners and all demographics for the first time in decades.

His remarks, however, were most telling when asked the future of the GOP.

“I hope this Republican Party has no future. I hope it’s destroyed,” replied Scarborough. “I hope they go the way the Whig party. And I, I don’t think they deserve anything more than a complete and total collapse.:

“This Republican Party under Donald Trump, they’ve actually proven that every horrible thing that liberals have said about the Republican Party over the past 25 years are true,” he continued, without any comment on how radical the Democrats have become. “I want the party to die. … they don’t deserve to survive.”

Yep, sounds just like every other “small government conservative.”

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