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House rep threatens Trump supporters, tells ‘those who are soldiers’ to ‘make them pay’

Rep. Cynthia Johnson (D-MI) took to social media to deliver a personal message to Trump supporters after claiming she received multiple threats including a couple telling her she should be lynched. That supposedly occurred after several Michigan lawmakers participated in a hearing on election fraud last week. In the video, she warned Trump supporters to “be careful” and “walk lightly.”

She went on to say they weren’t playing with Trump supporters and they had had enough of their shenanigans. Then she addressed ‘those who are soldiers’ telling them they know how to do it and do it right. She ended off by saying: “Make them pay.”

The threats went viral stoking tensions even more between the left and the right.

Johnson was among three Democrats on the House Oversight Committee that listened to testimony from several residents arguing they witnessed election fraud in the 2020 election in November.

“You should be swinging from a (expletive) rope you Democrat,” said part of a voicemail left on Johnson’s phone, amid several other racist remarks and references of violence. There is no evidence that has been brought forth actually proving it was a Republican who left the message or if it was fabricated.

Johnson posted the audio recording on her Facebook page over the weekend, along with several other screenshots of her phone’s call log showing unanswered calls from cities around the country.

The recorded call threatening to lynch Johnson came from a woman in Wheeling, Illinois, based on the number associated with the call. Another message from two men that Johnson didn’t post mentioned similar threats, telling her “Your time is coming… from the (expletive) gallows you’ll be hanging.”

The timing of the purported calls is extremely suspect.

An example of verified threats also comes from Monica Palmer, the Wayne County Canvassing Board member who said she received death threats after reversing her vote and certifying the election a few weeks ago.

Johnson is the Democratic minority vice chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee. During the hearing that allegedly resulted in the calls, Rudy Giuliani spent hours interviewing his witnesses on election fraud in the state.

Johnson asked a number of questions during the hearing. Committee Chairman Matt Hall (R-Emmett Township) limited lawmakers to one question per witness. One question included asking a witness to spell her name, a request some Trump supporters saw as an attempt to “dox” the witness, or publicly reveal information about someone with malicious intent.

Johnson did not ask the witness, Jessy Jacob, to provide contact information. Jacob had already publicly identified herself in an affidavit filed with a lawsuit where she also alleged electoral misconduct.

Many of the allegations presented during the hearing dealt with Detroit. At one point, Giuliani called Detroit one of the most corrupt cities in the country. When Johnson tried to make a statement refuting testimony offered, Hall determined she was out of order and turned off her microphone. Johnson, the only lawmaker who is Black or representing Detroit on the committee, at times yelled after her microphone was turned off.

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