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MSNBC analyst claims GOP purposefully killing ‘as many people as possible’ by blocking Covid relief

MSNBC will never be accused of dialing down the hysteria or the misinformation when it comes to criticizing President Donald Trump or the Republican Party.

After all, promoting Democratic talking points is why the network exists. And so it’s perfectly logical, and acceptable to its execs, that one of its analysts could blatantly accuse the GOP of killing Americans for some kind of political benefit.

Anand Giridharadas, an author who hails from one of the wealthiest areas of America and boasts an Ivy League pedigree but who now makes money, with no sense of irony, by attacking the wealthy, was on MSNBC on Thursday to discuss the battle in Congress over coronavirus relief.

“The country is awash in pain right now,” Giridharadas told host Craig Melvin. “We’re having these technocratic conversations about committees, this and that. I understand that. The real blame is Mitch McConnell, is the Republicans, is the president, is a party that does not want to help people, that is working, on one side, to actually make sure the pandemic kills as many people as possible.”

He added, “That seems to be the logical sequence of their policy. And to make sure all of the people who manage to survive it, despite their policy, suffer economically and beyond.”

Giridharadas also attacked Democrats, but for not being political enough.

“Democrats are not meeting this moment with the muscularity required, even the rhetorical muscle required,” Giridharadas said. “Why aren’t we hearing thundering speeches from Joe Biden, from (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi, from (Senate Minority Leader Chuck) Schumer, making this case in a way that bends public opinion, forces Republicans into a corner?”

“This is not about Medicare for All right now. We’re not talking about sweeping social policy. This is not about, you know, do we reduce our footprint of the empire around the world,” he added. “This is emergency relief in the worst crisis since the Great Depression. And we’re having this little Washington committee talk instead of talk of muscularly dealing with the restoration of some balance in people’s life, some stability, food on people’s tables.”

He then pounced on Biden. Giridharadas pointed to reports that Biden, after meeting with civil rights leaders earlier in the week, expressed skepticism about how much executive authority – or some might say dictatorial power – he could wield to deal with the virus.

“This is not a time for milquetoast,” Giridharadas said. “This is a time for dramatic, sweeping action.”


In fairness to Giridharadas, he’s not on MSNBC to point out that Democrats are currently blocking a $900 billion aid package offered by Republicans because it doesn’t sufficiently bail out blue states that are facing budget problems unrelated to COVD-19, or because it would prevent greedy trial lawyers from suing employers, who are already on the ropes for misguided lockdown policies, in representing workers who may contract the virus.

Nor is Giridharadas on the air to mention that Pelosi has previously indicated she rejected an aid deal with Trump in the anticipation that Biden would get elected, or that just this week Sen. Bernie Sanders confirmed that Democratic leaders walked away from a GOP offer of a $1.8 trillion plan offered in October because they wanted another $400 billion.

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