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Geraldo Rivera freaks out over Limbaugh’s ‘secession’ comments, calls it ‘treason’

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum in a segment on Thursday spoke with panelist Geraldo Rivera who let loose on Rush Limbaugh for something the conservative legend didn’t actually say. Martha asked about the deep political division roiling America and radio host Rush Limbaugh’s warning that secession might be in America’s near future. Rush reported on that fact but said: “I myself haven’t made up my mind.” He was not advocating for secession.

Appearing on MacCallum’s The Story alongside Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, Rivera attacked Limbaugh’s alleged stance and mocked him for pretending not to understand liberal New Yorkers.

MacCallum started off by pointing to the dissension over the 2020 election.

“The country used to have shared vision over all of what it meant to be American,” she said. “Even Rush Limbaugh warning that he thinks we might be headed in a dangerous direction, an actual separation of the states.”

Martha then pivoted to Rivera to ask about Limbaugh’s “profound and challenging statement.”

“I think talk of secession is treason, Martha, I want to be very clear,” Rivera emphatically stated. “Rush Limbaugh is a powerhouse broadcaster. He is one in a zillion, they come along once in a generation, but that talk is reckless, it’s irresponsible.”

“I had to laugh, Rush goes on to say that people where he is have no idea what people in New York are thinking, they are so different they are like a different species,” Rivera stated. “Half of New York lives in Florida where Rush Limbaugh lives, it’s preposterous. I live in Ohio, a red state. I strongly supported President Trump, but also pro-gun control, pro-immigration reform, I’m pro-choice. I think leaders who accentuate the differences and exacerbate the divide are themselves responsible.”

“Well, that’s a strong charge,” MacCallum incredulously said. “It’s a discussion that’s being had in a lot of places.”

Treason is defined as: “The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.” This is not what secession entails: “The action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state.” Regardless, Limbaugh’s words belie what Rivera is accusing him of.

Rush Limbaugh is adamantly denying that he has ever called for secession.

On Wednesday, Rush warned that “there cannot be a peaceful coexistence,” and suggested that the country is “trending toward secession” after a caller asked him how Republicans can win national elections if they can’t recapture “blue cities.” He did not call for secession.

“I’ve alluded to this a couple of times ’cause I’ve seen others allude to this. I actually think that we’re trending toward secession,” Rush solemnly said. “I see more and more people asking, ‘What in the world do we have in common with the people who live in, say, New York? What is there that makes us believe that there is enough of us there to even have a chance at winning New York?’ Especially if you’re talking about votes.”

Rush then said that “more and more people,” ostensibly referring to conservatives, are questioning “what in the world” they have in common with people who live in New York.


“I know that there’s a sizable and growing sentiment for people who believe that that is where we’re headed whether we want to or not. Whether we want to go there or not. I myself haven’t made up my mind. I still haven’t given up the idea that we are the majority and that all we have to do is find a way to unite and win. And our problem is the fact that there are just so many RINOs, so many Republicans in the Washington establishment who will do anything to maintain their membership in the establishment because of the perks and the opportunities that are presented for their kids and so forth.” (emphasis mine)

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