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CNN’s April Ryan excoriated after implying media shouldn’t play leaked Biden tapes

CNN analyst and White House correspondent April Ryan stirred up a hornet’s nest on social media on Friday after she allegedly endorsed the idea that journalists shouldn’t reveal contradictions between President-elect Joe Biden’s public and private statements. Critics were shocked by the assertion by Ryan considering her actions during the Trump administration’s tenure.

On Thursday, Ryan took issue with a recording of Biden claiming “defund the police” rhetoric hurt down-ballot Democrats in last month’s elections being leaked to The Intercept.

“I asked an incoming White House source was the meeting contentious with civil rights leader and @JoeBiden and the answer was ‘no’. A rights leader at the meeting says @JoeBiden was passionate,” Ryan tweeted. “The question is who taped this meeting and why? What is the agenda?”

However, she never took issue with President Trump or First Lady Melania being secretly recorded. In fact, she relished reporting on it.

“So who is eagerly waiting to hear these audio tapes of Melania Trump talking about bad about @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump & the rest of his adult children? I’m ready!” Ryan tweeted back in August.

Motherboard reporter and Vice journalist Edward Ongweso Jr. responded taking Ryan to task for her biased reporting in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

“It is irresponsible and sets a dangerous precedent for journalists covering the incoming administration to be able to use secretly recorded conversations in their stories,” Ongweso Jr. tweeted. “To parse out Biden’s thoughts and anticipate his policy commitments, you must go through proper channels.”

Ongweso Jr. thickly laid on the sarcasm: “The White House Press Secretary, the spokespeople for the President and Vice President, senior officials (without attribution), and the President’s public statements are all designated and responsible sources for information about the President’s thoughts and intentions.”

“Revealing a contradiction between Biden’s private thoughts and public statements is dangerous because it erodes public trust in the President, the Office, and the media itself,” the Vice reporter concluded with weaponized snark.

Ryan is known for being outspoken and expressing anti-Trump sentiments. It appears to observers that she is endorsing abandoning basic journalistic practices.

“You hit the nail in the head! This is not good at all,” Ryan said in response to the first tweet taking it seriously. She then “liked” the other two tweets in the thread.

Ongweso Jr. shared screenshots of Ryan’s response to his tweets, reacting “Folks… I can’t.”

Twitter exploded over the blatantly biased expression from Ryan. Even progressive journalists are calling Ryan out for her statements.

“This is one of the most shocking things I’ve seen on this website,” former Intercept editor Glenn Greenwald stated.

“Would you consider yourself a reporter at this point or is that more of a former job description,” progressive journalist Eoin Wiggins asked Ryan.

“I can’t tell if April Ryan’s worst offense is hypocritical sycophancy or not being hip enough to peep the ruse, though the latter might actually be the former,” writer Zoé Samudzi sneered.

Ryan found limited fame for her open hostility towards the Trump administration in the White House briefing room and for her anti-Trump commentary on CNN. Her ‘correspondent’ title is now severely in doubt.

In September, Ryan cooed over the possibility of having a woman of color as vice president during an interview with then-VP nominee Kamala Harris.

“I can’t wear it, I can’t endorse, but a lot of people feel very good that history is here,” Ryan told Harris. “And I’m gonna say this: For 23 years, I’ve been at the White House and I’ve seen history, I’ve seen the first Black president of the United States of America and I’ve called him ‘Mr. President.’ But if you come there in January, and I get to raise my — please answer my question if I raise my hand — I get to say ‘Madame Vice President’. Do you know that sends chills through me? And you look like me! Does that give you chills?”

Harris responded by telling Ryan that she feels a “great sense of responsibility” as potentially the first Black female vice president.

“You be well and I pray all goes well,” Ryan said. “And I can’t endorse, but what I say is if I can get to say ‘Madame Vice President,’ that’s gonna send chills through me. That’s all I’m gonna say!”

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