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Jake Tapper claims Trump exposed ‘un-democratic, un-American’ Republicans

Liberals in recent days have staunchly criticized legitimate efforts by President Donald Trump’s legal team to ensure all votes cast in the election were legal, and only legal votes were cast.

But CNN’s Jake Tapper has elevated the discussion.

His input came after the U.S. Supreme Court last week rebuffed an argument by the state of Texas, backed by 17 other red-leaning states as well as Trump, that efforts to ensure a free and fair election were undermined by a handful of swing states – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – that had changed voting procedures that likely contributed to Joe Biden beating Trump in those states. More than 100 Republican members of Congress joined the lawsuit.

For that, many liberals now want House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to not seat those legitimately elected lawmakers.

Tapper, on his “State of the Union” broadcast on Sunday, took a different route, instead “thanking” President Trump for getting those House members involved in his, as he put it, “insane lawsuit” that was offered in a “clownish legal brief based on conspiracy theories and outright lies.”

“President Trump did us a favor by exposing these elected officials,” said Tapper, as still photos of GOP lawmakers such as Reps. Dan Crenshaw of Texas and Matt Gaetz of Florida flashed on the screen.

“They are definitionally people who signed on to a desperate desire to subvert the will of the American people, to disenfranchise voters in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan based on lies and conspiracy theories, putting an immoral and corrupt power grab above democracy,” Tapper said.

“Now we know, clearly, how much these individuals care about facts or truth, how much they care about democracy or the principles that made this country great – which is to say not at all,” Tapper added.

Trump, Tapper continued, “made them stand and be counted and 126 of them, including Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican Whip Steve Scalise, they actually signed their names to this, this unconservative, un-democratic, un-American mendacious joke of a lawsuit that would disenfranchise millions of their fellow Americans. … The hope that most Republicans in the House were better than this, that’s been destroyed.”

“Those of us who believe in standards and norms and the U.S. Constitution, we need to thank President Trump for bringing this fact to light.”

Sure, Jake, sure.

What, after all, was a more “unconservative, un-democratic, un-American mendacious joke” than the “conspiracy theories and outright lies” Tapper and his colleagues at CNN and across the media spread about Trump’s supposed collusion with Russian operatives.

What Tapper hopes the public will forget is CNN’s efforts to promote the bogus dossier by Cristopher Steele that led the Obama administration to commit the un-American act of spying on political opponents.

Tapper doesn’t want to talk about himself reporting that former FBI Director James Comey would publicly refute Trump’s claim that he was told three times that he wasn’t the target of the Russia probe, only to have Comey do the opposite and confirm what Trump had said.

He doesn’t want to mention three CNN reporters resigning after being called out and then resigning for concocting a story about former Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci’s alleged ties to Russia.

Or that CNN first revealed an alleged smoking gun showing when Donald Trump Jr. received a tip about hacked emails about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but got the date wrong – meaning the emails were already public when Trump got the tip – and CNN never apologized or about the “scoop” or explained how they got it so wrong.

And CNN did all that just in Trump’s first year in office.

Tapper opened his monologue on Sunday with a reference to Mark Antony’s speech in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” He reversed the line that actually states, “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

But his comments surely revive Queen Gertrude’s observation from “Hamlet”: Surely, Tapper “doth protest too much.”

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