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Liberal justices on Wisconsin Supreme Court call Trump campaign election lawsuit racist and ‘un-American’

Two of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s liberal justices on Saturday characterized President Donald Trump’s election challenge seeking to overturn results in two counties as racist and “un-American.”

The president’s lawsuit seeks to dismiss more than 220,000 ballots that were cast in Dane and Milwaukee Counties, both of which skew heavily Democratic which were central to Democrat Joe Biden’s apparently 20,000-plus margin of victory.

The suit was dismissed by a circuit court judge on Friday; the state Supreme Court agreed to take it up a short while later.

Wisconsin certified its election results Nov. 30.

The Milwaukee Independent reported that one of the state high court’s liberals, Justice Jill Karofsky, who was elected in April, told Trump campaign lawyer Jim Troupis that she believes the suit against the two counties was discriminatory.

“Two counties that are targeted because of their diverse populations. Because they’re urban. I presume because they vote Democratic,” Karofsky said. “This lawsuit, Mr. Troupis, smacks of racism.”

During the hearing, Karofsky repeatedly asked Troupis to provide specific examples of vote fraud.

“What you want is you want us to overturn this election so that your king can stay in power,” she said. “And that is so un-American.

“And for you to say that anyone in Wisconsin engaged in fraud, for you to perpetuate that fallacy on the people of Wisconsin and the people of the United States in America, in what has been called the most significant election in our lifetime, is nothing short of shameful,” Karofsky continued.

After Karofsky said the U.S. was founded on the idea of self-governance, not governance from a king.”

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Troupis pushed back, however, saying, “I believe this country was founded on the principle of the rule of law.

“When we forget the rule of law, when we forget to enforce mandatory statutes as are involved here, we have lost our country,” he added.

During a hearing on Friday in which Trump campaign officials and polling witnesses relayed to a Wisconsin legislative panel instances of voter fraud and other irregularities, Bob Spindell, a GOP member of the elections commission who was not speaking on behalf of the panel said there is a history of voter corruption in Democrat cities.

In addition, he blasted the practice of residents claiming to need a mail-in ballot because they were indefinitely confined due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin Watch reported. Those voters don’t have to present a photo ID in order to cast ballots but they have to be registered and have their ballot witnessed.

“It appears we certainly have fraud all over the country in the 2020 election, especially in swing states,” Spindell said during the legislative hearing.

In addition to Karofsky, Justice Rebecca Dallet also lambasted Trump campaign attorney Troupis for singling out Dane and Milwaukee Counties.

“You are alleging to this court that there were improper procedures taking place. Yet the only votes you want to throw out are the votes in the two largest counties — the two most diverse nonwhite, urban counties — and the two counties that have the most significant votes for Joe Biden,” she said on Saturday.

Troupis responded that the Biden campaign could have requested a recount in the state’s 70 other counties but chose not to.

One of the court’s outspoken conservatives, Justice Rebecca Bradley, wondered whether the court would be able to overturn ballots cast by those claiming to be indefinitely confined.

“The problem with that that I see is that there are people who were probably legitimately, and in accordance with the law, indefinitely confined,” Bradley said. “And so that would require the court to toss those ballots as well.”

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has already rejected a pair of election-related lawsuits.

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