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Goodwin: Barr should appoint a special counsel to protect Hunter Biden probe

Michael Goodwin, a Fox News contributor and a New York Post columnist, is ringing the alarm bells over what Attorney General Bill Barr should be doing concerning the Hunter Biden investigation to protect it. He says the probe into the Biden’s money-grubbing must not only be protected from Joe Biden’s White House but also from FBI Director Christopher Wray and that a special counsel should be appointed.

Goodwin points out that the media waited until after Biden supposedly won the election before reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal which has been under investigation since 2018. They ignored The New York Post’s explosive reporting on it in October. Now the media can’t seem to get enough of it, except for the part where they leave Joe Biden out of this hot mess.

Take, for instance, the New York Times knew before the election that Joe Biden was the “big guy” in line for a secret 10 percent stake in a deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate connected to the Chinese Communist Party. But the paper withheld the information from readers until Hunter admitted he was under a criminal tax probe and possibly the target of a money-laundering investigation.

“People familiar with the matter” are also telling The Wall Street Journal that Attorney General Bill Barr kept two separate probes into Hunter Biden quiet during the final weeks of the campaign. This has infuriated President Trump. The media seems more interested in Trump’s anger than in Barr’s squelching of an investigation that could have changed the outcome of the election.

Meanwhile, Americans do not know who to believe or blame at this point. They’ve lost all faith in the media and in the election process. It is evident now that the media believes the Hunter Biden story has legs, but before the election, they disingenuously tried to spin it as “Russian disinformation” or a smear.

A Fox News poll finds that 36 percent of all voters believe the election was stolen from Trump, with nearly seven out of 10 Republicans sharing that viewpoint. And many on both sides had the long knives out for Trump during the election. The backstabbing was historic.

If news favored President Trump or was critical of Joe Biden, social media unabashedly censored it. Voter fraud was challenged in numerous states by the Trump team and then summarily dismissed by the attendant legal system. The voices of over 73 million voters were collectively negated by the Supreme Court.

The Deep State was one of the biggest culprits in their actions to take a sitting president down. More than 50 former intelligence officials, many of whom probably wanted jobs in a Biden administration, signed a letter suggesting the New York Post reports on Hunter Biden smacked of Russian disinformation. The signers included former CIA chiefs John Brennan, Gen. Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and Michael Morell.

The New York Post identified Rudy Giuliani as the source of the contents of the laptop Hunter left at a Delaware repair shop and failed to retrieve, and the repair-shop owner confirmed it. This makes them possibly one of the only true sources of unbiased, honest journalism left in the nation.

To this day, neither Hunter nor Joe Biden has disputed any of the e-mails, messages, or risque pictures found on the laptop.

According to Goodwin, the only way to protect the probe into the Biden family’s financial chicanery is through the appointment of a special counsel. The probe needs protection from the Biden White House and from FBI Director Christopher Wray. Biden has asked Wray to remain in place during his administration.

There is no way to know at this point if Joe Biden has been compromised by foreign entities. Hunter’s biggest deals took place when his father was vice president and in countries where Joe was the frontman for the Obama-Biden administration, including Ukraine, Russia, and China. The implications for national security are enormous.

AG Bill Barr will be the one to make the decision on a special counsel for the Biden probe. He has already indicated he is not leaning in that direction. He should, considering that the Biden probe is just as consequential at this point as appointing John Durham to look into spying on the Trump 2016 campaign. Both deserve the same protections and scrutiny.

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