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NYPD defies ‘defund the police’ mantra, moves to add 900 new cops in 2021

Barack Obama thinks “defund the police” is a losing slogan. So does Joe Biden. As does Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and House Democratic Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina.

After watching the down-ballot election results, many Democrats outside the party’s AOC wing may actually desire to keep cops on the job, or still wish to gut law enforcement but call the process something else.

But in New York City, where woke Mayor Bill de Blasio painted “Black Lives Matter” on the streets and the city cut $1 billion from its police budget, it’s clear they’ve learned cops matter also.

City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea announced Monday that his department was hiring 900 new police officers, beginning with a new class of recruits that begins training on Dec. 29.

“The establishment of this new class is welcome news as these officers will begin the 2021 calendar year by continuing the Department’s mission to engage with the community while zeroing in on the drivers of crime,” Shea said in a statement.

“Once they graduate, every single one of these officers will play a critical role in neighborhood policing and ensuring residents in all five boroughs experience the level of public safety they deserve.”

Fox News reported that the NYPD canceled a class set to begin in July in the wake of protests about the death of George Floyd, the Black Minneapolis man who died in police custody.

Nixing that 1,200-member class was part of the City Council’s policy to appease left-wing activists, which involved diverting $1 billion from the NYPD to education and social services for the next budget year. The council, according to Fox News, also slashed overtime spending by half, redeployed officers from administrative jobs to patrol, and ended police responsibility for school crossing guards, school security and homeless outreach.

But the moves did little good.

On Dec. 4, the NYPD released the city’s latest crime stats and reported that shootings had spiked by 96 percent, while homicides had jumped 38 percent, relative to 2019.

New York’s experience mirrored that of other major cities.

Back in August. The Wall Street Journal analyzed murder data and found that 13 of America’s 15 largest cities had witnessed significant upticks in the number of homicides they reported. The year-over-year percentage increase at the time ranged from 11.5 percent in Charlotte to 64 percent in Austin. Two cities – Dallas and San Jose – actually reported decreases.

The “defund” movement has been costly for the Big Apple. In mid-November, the NYPD reported that retirements during 2020 had already surpassed all of 2019. The head of the police union had predicted crime would continue to escalate as it would take months for new recruits to hit the streets.

But in Gotham City at least one Democrat was mugged by reality.

“Like many New Yorkers I have been alarmed by the increased levels of crime and the steady decrease in our city’s overall quality of life. So today’s announcement of a new Police Academy class comes as welcome news for all New Yorkers,” City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, a Democrat, said of the class that starts at the end of December.

“The addition of 900 new officers when added to the current 34,200 member force is a step in the right direction and will help to restore the uniform headcount to last year’s 36,700, and moves us closer to the levels outlined in the adopted budget.”

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