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Big Tech gave big money to Joe Biden while squashing stories about son Hunter

From quashing content critical of liberals, to deploying dubious “fact-checkers” on conservative political speech, to acknowledging to Congress no leftists have been censored, Silicon Valley’s tech giants have shown time and again that they are hostile to Republicans, their ideas and their supporters.

But more evidence of this can be found by abiding by the oldest rule in politics: follow the money.

Fox News on Tuesday reported that senior executives at Facebook and Twitter gave overwhelmingly to Democrat Joe Biden.

Citing Federal Elections Commission records, Fox News found that Facebook’s vice president of public policy, Erin Egan, chief revenue officer David Fischer, chief financial officer David Wehner and vice presidents Gene Alston, Michael Verdu, Shahriar Rabii and T.S. Khurana all gave the maximum amount – $2,800 – to Biden’s campaign at some point during the 2020 cycle.

A step down, at the level of “directors” or “managers,” Facebook’s public policy directors Steve Satterfield and Michael Matthews, product manager Brett Keintz, program manager David Debartolo and director Ibrahim Okuyucu all contributed $2,800 to Biden’s campaign.

At Twitter, meanwhile, vice president Matt Derella donated $2,000 to Biden’s campaign, while the members of the $2,800 club included senior director Ryan Oliver and senior director of product management James Kelm.

Among other companies, Instagram’s chief operating officer Marne Levine also gave the max to the Democrat, Fox noted.

Fox’s report stated a few gave that maximum amount to Biden for both his primary campaign and during the general election.

Below the contribution ceiling, Fox noted, “FEC records revealed that dozens of Twitter and Facebook employees with ‘manager’ or ‘director’ in their titles donated at least $1,000 to Biden’s campaign.”

Meanwhile, “Fox News identified zero Facebook or Twitter executives who donated to Trump’s campaign” – although “two Facebook employees with ‘manager’ or ‘director’ in their title donated to Trump’s campaign, neither of whom gave more than $300,” Fox reported. “Zero Twitter employees with those titles donated to Trump’s campaign,” the network added.

According to Fox News, Facebook declined to respond, Twitter denied the contributions influenced its policy, and Biden’s spokesman maintained he would not be influenced by the support from Big Tech.

Yet Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh offered Fox News an explanation obvious to anyone who’s paying attention and not pulling for Biden.

“The Silicon Valley mafia was always in the tank for Joe Biden and everyone knew it,” he said. “It’s why they blocked the sharing of the Hunter Biden story, to protect their boy Joe Biden. That was election interference, plain and simple, while they also targeted President Trump and other Republicans with censorship. So it should surprise no one that they have also showered money on him.”

Nope, no surprise at all.

Conservative groups continue to raise a stink about this, as the Republican National Committee, the Gun Owners of America, the Liberty Counsel and the American Principles Project, a political action committee supportive of GOP Senate candidate John James in Michigan, have filed separate FEC complaints alleging Big Tech’s censorship or suppression of their campaign ads critical of Biden or other Democrats amounted to an illegal campaign contribution.

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