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VICE story accuses pro-lifers of having ‘hijacked’ images of unborn babies

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF

A VICE article published Monday accused the pro-life movement of having “hijacked” images of unborn babies.

In a story titled “The Iconic Photo Hijacked by the Anti-abortion Movement,” VICE contributor Amarens Eggeraat wrote that “the foetus is a powerful icon that the pro-choice movement has struggled to match.” The story examined the history of ultrasounds and discussed how images of unborn babies have been “politicized” by the pro-life movement.

“Besides being morally loaded, the visual association between these tiny babies and abortion is also scientifically incorrect, since the vast majority of procedures are carried before 13 weeks,” Eggeraat wrote. “And yet, anti-abortion movements have used foetuses as a primary symbol since the 1970s.”

The VICE writer continued, “The fact that women can die from unsafe abortions clearly hasn’t been enough to stamp out the anti-abortionist movement. Today, feminist movements across the world are going up against imagery that associates abortions with baby-killing. And for pregnant women, the procedure is still often associated with shame and tragedy.”

“But in reality,” she concluded, “many women also feel relief and a renewed sense of control after the procedure. Abortions can save lives: theirs.”

Eggeraat and VICE did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Pro-life activists such as Live Action Founder Lila Rose maintain that abortion is “the killing of a baby” inside its mother’s womb.  These activists often display ultrasound images of unborn babies on signs, posters, or social media.

This is particularly noticeable at the annual March for Life, where thousands of pro-life groups, families, college students and activists gather to protest abortion on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Live Action Director of External Affairs Alison Centofante told the DCNF that “no one is fooled by such a dumb article,” emphasizing that ultrasounds of unborn babies are not “imagery” but “scientific fact.”

“A picture of a human being in the womb is the medical reality of prenatal development,” Centofante said.

“It is so important that the pro-life movement uses these accurate medical pictures, and the facts that accompany each stage of development, to shine a light on the truth,” she continued. “The abortion industry shrouds the cruelty of abortion behind lies and euphemisms and refuses to show accurate pictures of prenatal life or abortion.”

“Life begins at conception,” the Live Action director of external affairs added. “Any baby development website will show you prenatal development facts. But instead of comparing your baby to a cucumber, we’d prefer to treat you honestly and allow you to see what your child really looks like.”


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