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Stelter says Fox doesn’t understand ‘portion control’ on Hunter while CNN dodges stories

Whether you consider it irony, hypocrisy, gaslighting, or just a simple momentary break from reality – and the answer could really be any of the above – Brian Stelter of CNN lecturing someone else on “portion control,” in terms of covering a news story, is rich indeed.

Yet in the Trump era, this is where our media betters reside.

During a broadcast this week, Stelter used one segment to take Fox News to the woodshed for its reporting on Hunter Biden, President-elect Joe Biden’s son.

The shows on Fox, Stelter said, are all about the media – “media bias, media blind spots, media screw-ups,” to be precise, according to Stelter, who added that “most journalists” are not guilty of the “crimes” Fox accuses them of.

And Hunter Biden’s corruption offers Fox News a chance to harp on that, he maintained. Stelter acknowledged the Justice Department’s investigation of Hunter’s tax problems is “obviously important,” but “so is proportionality – or what journalists call old-fashioned news judgment.”

“Proportionality is the whole ball game. Proportionality is what it’s all about,” said Stelter.

Mind you, this comes from a guy whose Twitter profile picture features the cover of his book about Fox News, which Stelter has obsessed over the way Glenn Close stalked Michael Douglas in “Fatal Attraction.” But, you see, it’s Fox’s crew who has an utterly myopic view of the world around them.

Stelter added, ‘These shows destroy their credibility when they lead with Hunter Biden for days on end,” arguing further that the focus of Fox’s producers is to “scour” the web looking for “sour news about Democrats.”

Fox, according to Stelter, “has a problem with portion control” – one that applies as well to its recent coverage of California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, who may have actually been in bed with a Chinese spy. We don’t know about Swalwell’s relationship with Christine Fang because he won’t discuss it.

Nonetheless, in a brief time, Stelter provides plenty that needs to be unpacked – most of it in the realm of what psychologists call “projection.”

One interesting point Stelter made is that he admitted CNN’s reporters knew about the FBI investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes “for weeks” before Joe Biden’s campaign blew up the story by announcing the investigation, which began in 2018. How many weeks, Stelter didn’t say. Was it before the election, and CNN ignored it or kept a lid on it so as to not hurt Joe Biden, as it did with Hunter’s laptop scandal, which may have implicated his father in payoffs by foreign governments?

To his point about proportionality, we could talk about CNN’s obsession with all things Trump, down to how many scoops of ice cream he got after dinner or the way he fed Japanese koi. We could talk about how it promoted the Russia-collusion hoax nonstop for four years, beginning with being the first major news outlet new outlet to report on the discredited Steele dossier. Or we could talk about all the good news the Trump administration generated – the pre-pandemic economy, Middle East peace deals, to cite two examples – CNN canned or played down.

But, to get at what’s really relevant about Stelter’s Fox-hating rant, is how we could talk about how CNN, unlike the partisans at Fox, has basically ignored Hunter Biden scandals, Swalwell’s scandal and most scandals to affect Democrats.

Fox is not the only one with a “portion control” problem. Because when it comes to news that hurts liberal causes, Stelter and CNN keep their viewers on a starvation diet.



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