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150 Minnesota business owners announce their intentions to defy renewed lockdown orders

In one scene of Mel Brooks’ comedic gem “History of the World: Part I,” a nobleman, Count de Money, brings France’s King Louis XVI bad tidings about the brewing threat to his reign.

“The people are revolting,” de Money reports. To which the king replies, “You said it. They stink on ice.”

Today, one can see blue-state leaders sharing King Louis’ attitude toward constituents who reject coronavirus lockdowns and other mandates.

But as Democratic governors and mayors impose seemingly arbitrary and unscientific rules on worship, dining and travel, and then promptly skirt them, and as Democrats in Congress stall federal relief, the peasants in those areas certainly appear ready for a revolt.

One is percolating in Minnesota.

There, according to Fox News, the Reopen Minnesota Coalition, a group of 150 bars, restaurants, gyms and other businesses, has announced that its members will defy coronavirus restrictions whether Democratic Gov. Tim Walz permits them to open or not.

Walz announced a four-week shutdown of restaurants, bars and gyms on Nov. 20 as new cases and deaths began to rise again.

But in Minnesota, as elsewhere in the country, with people like Bill Gates, who undoubtedly has the ear of many Democrats, saying restaurants and bars may need to remain closed until 2022, small business owners are predicting utter financial ruin if the lockdowns are reimposed or continued.

“When they did our first shutdown, it didn’t feel right in my gut that they were doing this and I went to other business owners around me and said, ‘Would you open up with me?’ and they were too afraid and, of course, at that time, the virus was still very new,” Jane Moss, owner of the Boardwalk Bar & Grill, told “Fox & Friends.”

“We just didn’t know if we would even have a workforce because of the unemployment benefits that they were getting at that time – the extra $600 a week, so we waited it out. And, but, this second one is killing us.”

Moss said business owners who side with her are ready to stand up against Walz. She told “Fox & Friends” that state Attorney General Keith Ellison threatened “massive fines and jail time” for refusing to comply.

But, Moss said, “We don’t have to bow down to this order, and I am so glad that these 150 to 200 businesses are following our lead.”

“This is an illegal and unlawful order,” she added. “We cannot back down, we will not back down.”

Minnesota, of course, was where the summer of unrest ignited.

More than 1,500 businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region were damaged or destroyed by rioting and looting after protests over the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died in police custody, spiraled out of control into violence.

Showing the disconnect between rulers and the ruled, hundreds of Democratic leaders and public health officials endorsed the protests, some of which involved thousands of people, as beneficial, if not necessary, to fighting the public menace of “systemic” racism, even as they advocated and declared wallet- and soul-crushing bans on public events, houses of worship and businesses in an effort to fight COVID-19.

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