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Fla Gov. DeSantis to restaurant owners and workers: ‘We’ve got your back’

Across the country – from New York to Kentucky to Illinois and Minnesota, to Colorado and on to California, restaurant and bar owners are proving to be the staunchest opponents of announced or suggested coronavirus lockdown policies.

The reason for that is clear: restaurants and bars are in the crosshairs of Democratic leaders in blue states and cities who ignore the science that increasingly shows those businesses exhibit almost no possibility of virus transmission.

But in Florida, as he has shown during the pandemic, Gov. Ron DeSantis is bucking the trend of destroying people’s livelihoods over a illness with a 98-percent survival rate across all populations, and which is even higher among the young and healthy.

As reported by Rebel News, DeSantis, a Republican, appeared at the Okeechobee Steakhouse in West Palm Beach earlier this week with a message for restaurant owners and workers: “We’ve got your back.”

DeSantis, whose state welcomed more than 110 million tourists a year in pre-pandemic days, said he really wanted to “send a message that at a time when folks in our service industries, particularly restaurants, lodging, and hospitality, have kind of taken it on the chin, particularly in other states, where they’ve been completely shut down.”

“We just want to send a message: Some may want to shut you down; we want to pull you up. We’ve got your back.”

Continuing, DeSantis said owners, servers and cooks are “an important part of our state.”

“You’re working folks, who are working hard to make a living; you have every right to do that. You can take it to the bank in the state of Florida; you’re going to have that right defended by the governor.”

DeSantis noted that restaurants in particular were singled out as places that were “really problematic” in contributing to the spread of COVID-19. But, he added, “Most of the contact tracing that’s been done has restaurants as very low in terms of where these infections can be traced to. New York just did their big one and put it out I think yesterday or the day before, and they had 1.4 percent of infections traced to restaurants and bars.”

“It doesn’t mean it can’t happen here,” he cautioned, “but I think we have to understand the vast, vast majority of infections are occurring in people’s homes, particularly if you have people getting together..”

And pointing what seems obvious everywhere except in places like New York City or LA, DeSantis said, “So closing a restaurant for indoor dining is going to lead to more people doing that in private homes, anyway.”

DeSantis reiterated that, as he has all along, trusted citizens to make reasonable decisions for themselves instead of bureaucrats deciding for them.

“Let individuals make decisions about what they’re comfortable doing. I can tell you, we’ve worked with these folks across Florida, and I know Okeechobee’s no different: they put every effort to creating a safe environment and a healthy environment. They’re not going to get customers unless they do that, and I know that that’s what they’ve done here at Okeechobee Steakhouse,” he said, per Rebel News.

Wrapping up, the governor stated, “We’re coming up on Christmas; it’s an important time of year for a lot of people, and we just want to let people know that if you’re somebody who’s been working hard, you’re a worker in one of these industries, we’re standing with you 100 percent. We know what you’ve done; we know what you’ve sacrificed, but we also know how much these jobs mean to you and how much these industries mean to the state of Florida.”


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