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Trump celebrates MAJOR retraction by NY Times over false claims: ‘They do this to me every day’

President Trump is doing a victory dance over the New York Times having to do a major retraction Friday morning on a blockbuster story done by their ‘Caliphate’ podcast after they failed to verify the details of a Canadian man who claimed to have joined ISIS and had taken part in executions carried out by the terrorist group. The man, Shehroze Chaudhry, has been arrested by Canadian authorities for allegedly carrying out a terrorist hoax with officials claiming he made up his stories for media attention.

After all the allegedly fake stories the media outlet has hit President Trump with, he seized on the incident.

“Oh, they do this to me every day,” Trump wrote. “When will they apologize?”

President Trump has fought the New York times on their reporting of him for years. From taxes to Russian collusion, from White House leaks to falsely reporting on Trump’s family… there has been a severe lack of retractions from the Gray Lady when it comes to President Trump. An apology will most likely never come for their sad and dishonest treatment of a sitting president.

The Times called its error the byproduct of an “institutional failure.”

“When The New York Times does deep, big, ambitious journalism in any format, we put it to a tremendous amount of scrutiny at the upper levels of the newsroom,” Times editor Dean Baquet said in a podcast interview. “We did not do that in this case.

The newspaper has reassigned its star terrorism reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, who hosted the series.

“We fell in love with the fact that we had gotten a member of ISIS who would describe his life in the caliphate and would describe his crimes,” New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet said in an interview on Thursday. “I think we were so in love with it that when we saw evidence that maybe he was a fabulist, when we saw evidence that he was making some of it up, we didn’t listen hard enough.”

The acclaimed series was announced to much fanfare in March 2018 at the South By Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas.

“‘Caliphate’ represents the modern New York Times,” Sam Dolnick, an assistant managing editor, said in unveiling the project. “It’s ambitious, rigorous, hard-nosed reporting combined with first-rate digital storytelling. We’re taking our audience to dangerous places they have never been, and we’re doing it with more transparency than we ever have before.”

‘Caliphate’ made a huge splash for The Times, winning awards, acclaim, new listeners for its podcasts, and new paying subscribers. In vivid detail, Chaudhry, speaking under the pseudonym Abu Huzayfah, told Callimachi and her colleagues of the atrocities he witnessed in Syria and of his involvement in execution-style killings.

It was a huge win for the newspaper and its reporter focusing on terrorism, a notoriously difficult subject to cover. “He gave us a gift with the story,” Callimachi told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. in May 2018 as ‘Caliphate’ episodes were being released. “It’s an eye-opening account of his passage through the Islamic State.”

It turned out it was all a lie. Callimachi did not vet her source and it took her down in the end.

This time there was just too much evidence for the NYT to keep running with the story like they did during the Trump administration.

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