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MSNBC’s political analyst predicts brutal wave of MAGA-fueled violence over election

MSNBC political analyst Jason Johnson is stoking the fires of division by coming out and proclaiming that the violence seen in Washington, D.C. over the past weekend will only intensify in the coming months, as alleged MAGA extremists revolt over Donald Trump losing the White House. Seemingly ignoring that most of the violence seen over the last few years has come from leftist groups, Johnson is positing that conservatives will come unglued after the inauguration.

Johnson brought up the Proud Boys, who along with thousands of conservatives, marched in the nation’s capital last nation’s capital last Saturday.

Johnson told ‘Deadline: White House’ host Nicolle Wallace and co-panelist Donny Deutsch to expect more of the same in the near future.

He laid all the ensuing violence that has occurred at the feet of Republicans and blamed them for rioting in the streets.

Wallace prompted Johnson by reading a David Ignatius column in the Washington Post that highlighted the “rage in [House Republican] districts among grassroots GOP voters who believe without evidence that the system is rigged and the election was stolen by Biden.”

Johnson said, “This is just the beginning of how this is going to be. Senator Tuberville, he abandoned Texas Tech. He leaves everything but not Trump-ism. He abandoned three different colleges but he’s not abandoning Trump-ism. You still have Proud Boys who are marching through Washington D.C. and tearing down signs. The moment that Donald Trump is out of power, these groups will become more unhinged. The Republican Party is full of individuals, even if they don’t believe the things at the core, are willing to placate and play with and galvanize these kinds of organizations.”

He continued, “I think we’re heading into an even darker period. Because if you don’t have somebody at the head of this sort of collection of ants running in and out of this insane anthill of MAGA and nonsense of white nationalism, if there’s no one to control them, if Donald Trump doesn’t have anybody around him to say ‘Hey, look this is a good idea or bad idea,’ they will only get worse. He’ll sit and stew and watch television every day and think about the fact he’s not on ‘Saturday Night Live’ anymore, think about the fact that nobody cares about him and that will enrage him and the other people supporting him. So yeah I think the Republican party is in for real soul-searching but right now a lot of them are still committed to Donald Trump and the violence we’re going to see in the coming months will make this past summer look like a picnic. I’m not happy about that. I’m not enthusiastic about that but that’s what I see happening and the violence we’re seeing in the streets right now is just a preview.”

Deutsch interrupted to respond to Johnson.

“Quick last word,” he pleaded. “The Proud Boys are the — this is still not where the core of the country is. We cover it and it makes news but this is not who we are. This is the fringe, the very, very, very edge of the fringe.”

“It is! It is exactly who we are!” Johnson shot back. “We’re talking Portland, we’re talking the Midwest, and these people are empowered every minute of every day that they hear senators deny the legitimacy of Joe Biden getting into office. They’re not being crushed down. They’re being empowered. Look at the two people running for the January 5th [Georgia] runoff. This is not the end. It’s the beginning.”

“Let’s see. We will watch,” Deutsch responded.

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