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Chris Christie tells Trump to ‘keep Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell out of the Oval Office’

Sunday, Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared on “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer on CNN and proceeded to be very blunt with President Trump concerning Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. He told Trump to keep them out of the Oval Office. Christie has been making the media rounds lately doing a mea culpa on not wearing a mask when he said he should have. He has also been attacking the president at every turn over the election.

Blitzer asked Christie what he thought about the reports that Trump had allegedly discussed with Flynn and other advisers the idea of “invoking martial law” to try to overturn the election. That claim has been denied by President Trump.

Christie referred to former President Ronald Reagan on “personnel is policy” after hedging on whether Trump actually called for martial law or not.

“What he meant was, the people who surround you and what they do will help to determine policy,” Christie explained. “This is why Michael Flynn never belongs near the White House let alone inside the Oval Office,” and the same goes for lawyer Sidney Powell, who represented Flynn and now has been filing a string of lawsuits making baseless claims of election fraud.

Christie has been warning President Trump about how dangerous he thought Flynn was since 2016. He claims his opinion was a result of attending security briefings with Trump and Flynn.

Trump denied raising the idea of imposing martial law, calling it “Fake News” in a tweet. Christie advised the president that to avoid similar reporting in the future, he should no longer welcome Flynn or Powell to the White House.

“I think the best advice I could give the president is, keep Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell out of the Oval Office,” Christie said. “And then those really bad ideas will stay out of the Oval Office as well.”

Christie didn’t stop there. He has repeatedly advised the president to concede and acknowledge that Joe Biden won the presidency. He calls Trump’s election fraud claims ‘baseless’ and says he has no evidence to prove any of it.

“We’re now sitting here on December 20th and I still have not seen the evidence nor has any court seen the evidence,” said Christie. “In fact, every court that has looked at the evidence has not supported these cases. In fact, it’s thrown them out.”

Regardless of what Christie’s opinion on Flynn and Powell is, it appears that they still have White House access.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman confirmed Diamond’s report, noting that her source alleged that Powell was “once again pitching an executive order on seizing voting machines to examine them.”

Again, she does not name her source in what appears to be a baseless accusation.

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