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Yamiche Alcindor joins MSNBC to recount tales of Trump supporters ‘obsessed’ with her race

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski discussed with a panel President Trump and racism, a favorite topic for their show “Morning Joe.” Front and center was Yamiche Alcindor, PBS NewsHour’s White House correspondent, who told stories of how Trump’s supporters were literally obsessed with her being a Black woman.

Donny Deutsch kicked it off by ranting on and on about the country being divided over race. Then Alcindor discussed her experiences covering the Trump campaign these past five years and her emphasis was also on race.

Alcindor was in complete agreement with Deutsch and spoke of her time on Trump’s campaign trail and the various interactions she had with his supporters, who she claims were often interested in discussing her race.

“I have been talking to so many Trump supporters over the last few years and I have to tell you, even when I talk to them about policies, about foreign policy, or about China, a lot of times the Trump supporters that I talk to they turn the issue back to race,” she said, intimating that her own Blackness may have had something to do with the fascination.

Alcindor recounted that she attempted to speak with one man about healthcare, questioning him about his thoughts on Trump’s plan, but he kept bringing the conversation back to race and racism.

“He kept on saying ‘people think I’m racist, people think I’m racist,’” she stated, adding that she finally asked him why people think that about him.

“He said, ‘well look at you, you’re a Black girl, how could you get a job at the New York Times? And I’m really concerned about all the African American people moving into my town.’”

Alcindor explained that the man’s town was 97 percent white at the time of the interview. She does not provide the man’s name or any proof that this ever actually occurred.

The reporter revealed several other conversations with Trump supporters who seemed to be obsessed with race, noting that many were scared of Antifa, Mexicans, and Black people taking over their towns and gated communities. A theme that Deutsch also hammered home. Again, no names or proof were provided… just innuendo and allegations of racism.

“There is this real elephant in the room, even when you’re talking about policy, that Trump supporters … not all of them but a large majority of them do bring up the issue of race, they do bring up their fears of the unknown of African-Americans, of Latinos, of this kind of browning of America,” Alcindor said.

Alcindor has long pushed the notion that President Trump is racist. She frequently refers to Trump’s father and racial discrimination concerning apartments that they have owned. But looking at Trump’s track record, alleged racism seems to be non-existent in his approach to just about everything he tackles.

As for his supporters, they come from every race and every walk of life. Alcindor seems far more obsessed with race than Trump supporters to date.

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