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MSNBC’s Jason Johnson blames GOP for violent unrest: ‘They are now terrorist sympathizers’

MSNBC and The Grio contributor Jason Johnson labeled Republicans in Congress as terrorist sympathizers who he claims continue to indulge President Donald Trump’s ongoing 2020 election conspiracies. He is attempting to tie Trump’s GOP supporters to the violent unrest breaking out around the country.

Speaking with guest host Ali Velshi on ‘The Last Word’ on Monday night, Johnson leveled accusations at the Congressional GOP of giving mainstream political cover to so-called extremist groups who he claims might resort to threats and violence to protest Trump’s loss. Johnson has recently predicted that MAGA-fueled violence in response to Trump’s loss would continue to ramp up over the next few months and would “make this past summer look like a picnic.”

“Jason, there’s going to be people that say, ‘Come on, don’t get carried away with yourself here. It’s not a coup,’” Velshi stated. “This is actually what they look like.”

“It is,” Johnson agreed. “Here’s the thing, and this is very important for people to understand. It’s not just that we are in a coup, but we are at the beginning of a coup that will only get more violent. Coups don’t have to be successful, it’s like attempted murder. Attempted murder is still a crime even if you’re not successful.”

Then, Johnson tried to tie Trump supporters to violent unrest in the country that he claims is being fomented by Trump’s false election claims, including a “Stop the Steal” Proud Boys march in Washington, D.C. last weekend where four people were stabbed.

“They are all acting at the behest of Donald Trump, unless anybody thinks it’s like, well, they are not directly — remember, this is a guy, who, during a presidential debate, told the Proud Boys, who are a terrorist-sympathizing organization to ‘Stand up and stand by,’” Johnson pointed out. “This is what the president is calling for. The meetings are going to be less of a problem than the number of men and women that you have on the ground who are willing to engage in violence. So, that is the danger here. It has to be seen as a danger, and the men and women who are placating the president on this, the men and women in Congress who are pretending that this really isn’t an issue, they are now terrorist sympathizers. Because if you can’t stand up and see actual acts of violence that are happening in our states about this election, then you’re sympathizing with terrorists.”

To attribute all violence and unrest occurring in America today, or even the majority of it to the right is simply untrue and not factual.

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