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Far-left Cenk Uygur rips into Nancy Pelosi and ‘sycophant’ media over praise for COVID relief

Conservatives may lament that President Donald Trump came up short in the election, but they must derive some satisfaction in watching the liberals devour their own in the pending post-Trump era.

Cenk Uygur, host of “The Young Turks,” the online news show for hardcore progressives, offers one example.

On Monday, he unloaded on Democrats generally, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi especially, for not getting a bigger COVID-19 relief package.

First, Uygur ripped leadership of both parties for dropping a 5,000-plus page bill on lawmakers and giving them just two hours to read it. That, he said, was particularly harmful to progressives in Congress who are more “vigilant” in reading bills than other members.

Subsequently, Uygur criticized Democrats for shrinking the size of the aid package.

After outlining details of the plan, Democrats, he noted, once sought more than $3 trillion in help. The figure then dropped to $2.2 trillion and then $1.8 trillion before settling at $908 billion, which is what Congress passed on Monday.

Quoting a comment from a viewer, Uygur said that “sounds like the master legislator is at work again.”

That referred to Pelosi.

“Pelosi whittled down that amount,” he said. “At every point in the negotiations, the Democrats honestly lost – to be fair not every point, but almost every point.”

“As usual, Democratic leadership is awful at politics and negotiating,” Uygur said.

But he then took on Pelosi more directly.

“Pelosi started the negotiations at $3.4 trillion. They, in the House, passed a bill for $2.2 trillion. In new funding right now, there’s only $480 billion. She got, at most, 15 percent of what she originally wanted,” Uygur said.

“Any reporter who calls her a ‘master legislator’ is not really a reporter – they’re just a really, really sad sycophant for people in power,” he added.

Uygur’s co-host, Ana Kasparian added, “Nancy Pelosi made purely a political calculation prior to the election, and that calculation was to turn down a more robust relief package that was being proposed by the White House because she knew that there was a possibility that it would help Donald Trump’s chances of getting reelected. That’s what it was really about, and that’s the reason why she decided to reject that package and then immediately sign on to this slim package, this skinny package, that doesn’t give Americans the relief that they absolutely need.”

“I’m not placing all the blame on Nancy Pelosi, but I do think she made a mistake prior to the election,” Kasparian added.

“Yeah, but let’s be fair,” Uygur offered. “Chuck Schumer also to blame.”

“(Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnel serves the rich and only the rich, so by his own standards, he did a great job. … The problem is Pelosi and Schumer are supposed to fight for us and they’re the ones who usually throw the game.”

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