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Despite COVID nursing home scandal, Cuomo still thinks he’s on Santa’s ‘nice’ list

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes he has made Santa’s ‘Good’ vs. ‘Naughty’ list this year. He believes that Santa is going to be very good to him due to the way he’s handled the pandemic in New York. Janice Dean disagrees and lays the blame for her mother and father-in-laws’ deaths at his feet. They were both in nursing homes and both succumbed to COVID-19 within days of each other.

FOX Business host Charles Payne said on Tuesday what Cuomo really deserves is a lump of coal for Christmas.

“The egomaniac that Gov. Cuomo has either become or is finally displaying is so sickening,” Payne told “Fox & Friends.” Many seem to agree with that sentiment.

Payne stated that New York state ranked #2 in coronavirus-related bankruptcies and death rates compared to other states. He explained that there were 185 deaths for every 100,000 people.

“He worked hard? Well, in New York state, a lot of other folks didn’t work hard. They got one of the highest unemployment rates — 10 percent,” Payne said.

Cuomo’s arrogant comments came during his daily press briefing on Monday. The Democratic governor was urging New Yorkers to save lives by staying vigilant and following basic health guidelines going into the holidays.

“There’s going to be a time when people turn around and say, ‘why did 57 people die? And why did we have more people die than anywhere else?’” Cuomo said. “You don’t want to have to answer that question. And the answer can’t be, ‘because we played politics.’”

Then, he told New Yorkers to have a “healthy holiday,” noting that he was “going to have a great one.”

“Santa’s going to be very good to me. I can tell. I worked hard this year,” Cuomo said.

That set social media on fire and the negative backlash was intense, condemning Cuomo for his self-adulation.

Payne questioned how Cuomo can “suggest” that he did a “superlative job” in handling the coronavirus pandemic in the city.

“Where on this list is he allowed to pat himself on the back? Where is he allowed to suggest that somehow he has done a superlative job?”

“No, he doesn’t get anything from Santa. He should get a bunch of coal and some humility.”

Many point to Cuomo being tone-deaf. He’s already capitalized on the pandemic with a book deal and by getting an Emmy over his handling of the crisis.

Meanwhile, seemingly oblivious to the hypocrisy entailed in all this, Cuomo is taking steps to ensure Santa Claus is able to travel around the state this Christmas Eve.

Cuomo announced that the New York State Department of Health has granted Santa a waiver to travel to New York for Christmas.

“Santa Claus asked for an exception for the 14-day quarantine requirement because it would be impractical for him to be in the state and then quarantine and still get all his gifts delivered on time,” Cuomo said. “We normally do not do waivers of quarantine…but DOH has been considering it for the past few days, and they have actually granted the request.”

While the state has granted the waiver, Santa will be required to wear a mask this year.

“I think you will still be able to recognize him even though he’ll be wearing a mask because he does have a fairly distinct outfit that he wears plus his body style is fairly distinct,” Cuomo said. “So I don’t think there will be any issue in identifying Santa this year. He’ll be able to do his job, but do it safely because he’ll be wearing a mask.”

No word on whether Cuomo has berated Santa for eating too much cheesecake this year.

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