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New poll finds Americans reject AOC and her socialist ideology by massive margin

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez remains the darling and the leader of the progressive movement.

But a new poll suggests that Congress’s biggest social media star has little clout outside the left-wing Twitter-sphere.

The poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters on Dec. 6 and 7 and was conducted jointly by the conservative Heartland Institute and the pollster Rasmussen Reports.

It found that 38 percent of respondents have a “very unfavorable” view of AOC, while another 20 percent are “somewhat unfavorable.”

Comparatively, 37 percent see her favorably.

The disagreement over AOC was more profound when the respondents’ perception was linked to their views of socialism.

Among those who like collectivist economics, 44 percent have a “very favorable” opinion of the congresswoman. Meanwhile, among fans of the free market, just 11 percent agree with them.

That dovetailed with the good news emerging from the poll, as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office amid pressure from the AOC wing of his party to enact a radical economic and cultural agenda: Americans are decidedly not on board with such plans.

“Voters are more strongly opposed to socialism than ever,” Rasmussen noted its analysis of its poll, adding that respondents prefer a free-market economic system to a socialist one by a margin of 75 percent to 11 percent.

The party breakdown is not as wide, but obvious.

Just 57 percent of Democrats support a free-market system, compared to 91 percent of Republicans and 78 percent of political independents.

And perhaps not so surprising, Rasmussen observed, “Government workers are twice as likely as entrepreneurs and those in the private sector to favor socialism over a free-market system.”

“Despite the increased calls for socialism by many on the far left, the vast majority of likely voters believe that the United States should embrace a free-market economy,” Chris Talgo, an editor and research fellow at the Heartland Institute, said in a statement.

“Only a sliver of likely voters think that the United States should abandon the free-market capitalistic policies that are responsible for making the United States the wealthiest nation in world history. Despite the countless calls for more socialism among elites in media and Hollywood, Americans aren’t interested in adopting the same socialist policies that have led to mass poverty wherever they have been tried.”

As with AOC, Biden is more popular with fans of socialism than with proponents of the free market, supporting him by a 52-25 margin.

But outside that realm, Biden’s big-government plans are viewed very skeptically.

“Most voters continue to view big government as a problem and don’t want it, but they strongly suspect that more government and higher taxes are on the way with Biden in the White House,” the pollster noted.

That was true of the Biden administration’s globalist aspirations.

Rasmussen pointed out that the incoming Biden administration “is reportedly flirting with the idea of joining the so-called Great Reset, an international effort to radically change world economies with much bigger government and far greater regulation.”

That, too, is a loser among free-market supporters. The poll reported that while 72 percent of Democrats who are aware of the so-called Great Reset agree with, just 21 percent of Republicans do.

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