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CNN’s Stelter uses show like therapy, whines about Trump starting from the beginning

Through a famous “Seinfeld” episode, we learned that there is a counter-Christmas celebration: “Festivus,” which is “for the rest of us,” and has the time-honored annual tradition of the “airing of grievances.”

On Sunday, as other news organizations were picking up the press conference with police officers who helped evacuate buildings moments ahead of the Christmas bombing in Nashville, CNN unleashed “Reliable Sources” with host Brian Stelter offering a half-dozen of the network’s correspondents, includ9ng the insufferable Jim Acosta, a “Festivus”-style opportunity to air their grievances about having to cover President Donald Trump for the past few years.

And he literally began at the beginning.

Said Stelter: “I want to begin by rewinding four years back to the very beginning. Trump’s very first full day in office in January 2017. I know everyone remembers when President Trump freaked out about crowd size at his inauguration. But most people don’t know that his fury was triggered by this segment on CNN. It was at 5:19 in the morning on January 21st. Yet, ‘crowdsize-gate’ started right here on this network. It was a short accurate report, but it drove Trump up a wall. It was the first sign that his entire presidency will be ruled by what he saw on television.”

Continuing, Stelter added, “Back then, in 2017, media leaders wondered, would he change? Would Trump grow into the role? We know the answer now. Historians one day will write that Trump’s conduct deteriorated during his four years in office. He lied more and more dangerously as time went on.”

And he added, “People who lie all the time are liars. A reporter who pretends the abnormal is normal, who pretends fiction is fact, that reporter becomes a liar. If I pretend I’m dry in the middle of a soaking rainstorm, then I’m a liar. But this is what causes the fake news spiral. It’s a real problem. It was for four years and it’s not going away. Trump did damage on this front. And he was proud of the damage he did to media literacy.”

Ah yes, Trump was a notorious and shameless liar, which seemed to be the theme, who also sought to undermine the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of the press

Fortunately, Stelter and CNN were mercilessly and rightly mocked on social media for their tone-deaf arrogance.

For instance, Jake Tapper explained that he no longer would have White House press secretary, and former CNN contributor, Kayleigh McEnany on the air because she “lies the way most people breathe.

Conservative critics, as they are wont to do, pounced. They pointed out how a CNN reporter at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, described the event as “mostly peaceful” while cars and buildings burned behind him. Or how CNN, including Tapper, gave porn star Stormy Daniels’ disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti the run of the place. Avenatti in part promoted unfounded rape accusations against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and was eventually charged with bilking his clients.

CNN’s “Festivus” also included reporter Jeremy Diamond complaining about Trump fans booing the media at his rallies as “blood sport,” but conveniently forgetting that President Barack Obama’s administration raided the offices of the Associated Press and threatened reporters with jail for disclosing leaks, or that his network routinely dismissed violent attacks on Trump supporters.

Of course, others could go back to the beginning of CNN’s lies as well.

As on Jan. 20, 2017, Trump’s first day, when Nancy Sinatra accused CNN of lying by reporting that she was unhappy about Trump using one of her famous father’s songs at his inauguration.

Then, we could revisit how CNN reported, and the Justice Department denied, that Trump fired former FBI director James Comey when he requested more resources to investigate alleged Russian collusion; when three CNN reporters resigned after retracting a story about ties between administration officials and a Russian financial fund; when CNN claimed Trump lied about being wiretapped when in fact the FBI was monitoring communications of two of his associates for the discredited Operation Crossfire Hurricane; when CNN selectively edited video to assert Trump called immigrants “animals” when the full video revealed he was specifically referring to MS-13 gang members; or most recently, this month in fact, when CNN acknowledged it knew the FBI was investigating Hunter Biden as a tax cheat and failed to report it until after the Biden campaign admitted the probe.

But sure, Trump’s the problem here.

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