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Dem lawmaker: Trump doesn’t care about COVID relief, only wants ‘fascist takeover’

Appearing on Fox News on Monday, Congressman-elect Byron Donalds, a Florida Republican, said the coronavirus offered left-wingers an ideal chance to try out socialism – and most Americans have shown no interest in that.

The same could have been said of President Donald Trump and the “fascism” that liberals always accuse him of wanting to impose. After all, except for perhaps war, what better conditions are there for that than a deadly, easily transmissible virus that so-called experts are saying can only be defeated with complete lockdowns of commerce and social activity, as tamped down by the government’s law enforcement power – as we’ve witnessed in several Democratic-run states?

Still, despite Trump allowing states to work out virus strategies on their own, the Trump-is-a-closet-fascist meme endures, as Rep. Adam Smith promoted it on MSNBC on Monday.

The Washington state Democrat was asked about the COVID-19 relief bill and Trump’s support for $2,000 individual relief payments instead of $600.

“The idea that the president cared particularly about whether or not the check was $600 or $2,000 is absurd. He didn’t care about that,” Smith told MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt. “He’s frustrated and he’s upset because he can’t overturn the election and, well, basically complete a fascist takeover of the United States. That’s what he’s upset about. So he’s just sort of throwing things around the room and this is the latest thing he threw.”

“If the president wanted a $2,000 stimulus check, he could’ve had it. He had strong Democratic support. He has this bizarre hold over the Republican Party. If he had insisted to (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell this had to be in the package, it would have been in the package.”

Smith said Trump acted “like a petulant child” by reversing course on the payment “because he was upset about something,” after he appeared ready to enact the relief bill on Christmas Eve.

“Let’s not by any means mistake Donald Trump as the guy who’s fighting for a $2,000 check,” Smith added. “The only thing he’s fighting for right now is a good round of golf.”

Trump, of course, has a legal right to challenge election results that he believes are fishy, and he is in the process of exhausting all of those avenues until the moment Congress certifies the election results next week – much like a Democratic congressional candidate in Iowa is asking the House to overturn her narrow Election Day defeat and seat her instead of her Republican opponent.

It’s not like Trump is rolling out tanks in the streets to stay in power.

As for the relief measure, Smith and many Democrats who now applaud Trump’s endorsement of a $2,000 individual payment gloss over the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked the relief bill for months, including turning down the administration’s offer of a bill twice the size of the one Congress just passed, in the hope of swaying the election.

Moreover, a month before the election, Trump argued for $1,200 payments instead of $600, and many Republicans supported that. Trump’s caveat was that the bill had to be free of other giveaways – such as $1 trillion for bailouts for mismanaged blue states – but Pelosi dismissed that as well.

“All he has ever wanted in the negotiation was to send out a check with his name printed on it,” she said at the time.

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