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Rapper who headlined GA Dems’ event accused of making vulgar remarks on Twitter

During his time in office, President Donald Trump has endured strong criticism for his alleged misogyny and contemptible treatment of women from people with no sense of irony.

That is, the #MeToo brigades who heaped scorn on Trump also ignored allegations of sexual misconduct against their own powerful political allies, until their hypocrisy became unavoidable – although they had no problem excusing Joe Biden for repeated instances of weird behavior around women, and a potential sexual assault allegation, so long as it looked like he could defeat Trump.

The Georgia Senate races offer liberals another chance to reveal exactly who they are on this issue.

A campaign event held Monday to promote Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to younger voters featured several hip-hop performers, including BRS Kash as the headliner.

It turns out that BRS Kash had once tweeted what seemed to be a joke about sexual assault.

“If she say stop an u still hit it from da back is it an accident or rape lol,” the tweet said, according to a screenshot shared by Nathan Brand, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Along with BRS Kash’s tweet, Brand wrote on Twitter, “This is who Georgia Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff had headline their event today. Will they denounce this disgusting individual? … Does the @ajc feel they should be elevating repulsive individuals like this?

@AJC referred to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which reported on the concert and did not reference BRS Kash’s tweet until after Republicans raised the issue.

Trump critics quickly got defensive.

One tweeted that the rapper’s comments were “(n)ot nearly as vile as the GOP letting millions get sick and evicted by making the pandemic worse than anywhere else in the developed world.”

Another added on Twitter, “These comments are from 8 years ago! You can’t be serious???” A third simply said, “Ask Donald.”

The AJC noted the whataboutism, as critics shot back with reminders about President Trump’s comments to “Access Hollywood” about grabbing women by the vagina. That occurred in 2005, a decade before Trump became a candidate for president.

On the other hand, some agreed with Brand’s point. One Twitter user argued, “Anyone that makes light of that comment or thinks it isn’t a big deal is part of the bigger problem with America. Woman are not sexual objects that rap music portrays them to be, just listen to every single song and lyric, it’s always about the men having their way with women.”

More than 2 million Georgians have already voted ahead of the Jan. 5 runoff elections. Warnock is challenging GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, while Ossoff is running against Sen. David Perdue, another Republican incumbent.

On Election Day, Warnock got the most votes of any candidate in his race, but Loeffler and another Republican in that contest combined to get roughly 636,000 more votes than him. Perdue defeated Ossoff by roughly 88,000 votes, but did not clear the 50 percent threshold necessary to avoid the runoff.

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