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‘Appalling precedent’: Environmental activists sue Trump over dishwashers

Jake Dima, DCNF

Several environmental groups sued President Donald Trump’s Energy Department on Tuesday over a federal rule pertaining to faster dishwashers.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and other ecological activists filed a lawsuit to block the rule which would introduce a class of dish cleaners “with a cycle time for the normal cycle of one hour or less from washing through drying,” CNN reported, citing the litigation. The groups claim the faster appliances would have an unforeseen consequence of “higher household utility bills and more pollution,” according to CNN.

“This was a senseless Trump administration action that hurts consumers and all who’ve benefited from the significant efficiency gains in dishwashers over more than 30 years,” energy advocate for the Natural Resources Defense Council Joe Vukovich said in a statement, according to CNN.

“It also sets an appalling precedent that the agency could abuse by picking any trivial feature of an appliance and exempting it from all efficiency standards,” Vukovich said.

The environmental groups also insist the rule is not necessary because most dish cleaners offer speedy cycles and some are finished before the one-hour mark, CNN reported.

Trump advocated for faster dishwashers in 2019 when the president claimed the appliances used to create an “explosion” at the push of a button, and “now you press it 12 times, women tell me,” he said.

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