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CNN’s award-winning journalism: Trump’s grumpy over Melania’s renovations to Mar-a-Lago

In the midst of a pandemic, a severe economic downturn, and a fractured and evermore violent nation, CNN’s Jake Tapper is reporting from unnamed sources that President Trump is angered by First Lady Melania’s renovations to Mar-a-Lago. Many out there would call a ‘hard-hitting’ story about Trump being grumpy, presumably because he’s not happy about Melania’s renovations to Mar-a-Lago, less than professional, but not Tapper. He ran with it.

According to CNN, President Trump was enraged over Melania’s re-decorating the couple’s living quarters at Mar-a-Lago and went so far as to have the white marble and dark wooden decor she selected ripped out and hauled away.

CNN reported Tuesday that one source called Trump “moody” with another saying that “the vibe is off” at the Palm Beach, Florida resort this holiday season.

CNN reported: “If the kick-off to his last Florida sojourn as President was rough, the days that followed would be much of the same, with Trump appearing “moody,” according to the source at the club, spending more time than usual behind closed doors and not mingling and conversing as much as he normally does with club members and senior White House staff, many of whom have in the last few years joined him there.”

CNN is known for its ‘unnamed sources’ which have increasingly been used to facilitate political smear campaigns over the last few years. This one, however, not only smacks of unprofessionalism but is reminiscent of a descriptor used earlier this week for Jake Tapper, petty.

Melania has been working on Mar-a-Lago to prepare for the First Couple to relocate there after Joe Biden takes over the presidency in January.

On Wednesday before Christmas, the Trumps went to Mar-a-Lago for the holiday. CNN is pushing unproven claims that upon entering the resort on the 23rd, President Trump’s mood darkened. Reporter Kate Bennett wrote that the changes the First Lady and her decorator Tham Kannalikham made to the Trumps’ 3,000 square foot living space “didn’t appeal to Trump’s aesthetics.”

“He was not happy with it,” an unnamed source claimed. That source asserted they heard several loud, one-sided conversations with club management.

CNN went on to posit that Trump wasn’t crazy about some of the other renovations made to the historic property, which he operates as a private, social club.

As is the case with businesses across the nation, attendance is down at the club due to the pandemic and things are not as light-hearted as they usually are. CNN pounced on that fact as well. The resort typically hosts large gatherings and parties.

CNN reported that the annual New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago is still on with a reported 500-person guest list.

“It’s just too big a risk, not worth it,” one club member allegedly told the network.

“Yet there remain some crowded areas and an abundance of people,” added another member who has been in touch with people currently at Mar-a-Lago.

“People are going for dinner as usual,” said the unnamed source, who added there seems to be “little regard for the pandemic.”

“At the beach club area by the pool, it is so crowded during the day that guests are arguing over available chairs,” the source also said.

It is little wonder that the White House is not commenting on or answering CNN over this story. It appears that CNN has a greater appetite for Melania’s decorating and Trump’s feelings than they do for Joe Biden’s business dealings and his mental acuity.

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