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Hilaria Baldwin gets caught in Candace Owens’ crossfire – a place no one wants to be!

Conservative activist and pundit Candace Owens took direct aim at several targets in her tweets on Wednesday. She went there: “So…Rachel Dolezal pretending to be black is a problem. @hilariabaldwin pretending to be Spanish is a problem. But grown men pretending to be female and destroying women in physical sports competitions is “stunning and brave”. Make it make sense.”

She didn’t stop there either. More shredding to be had: “For those of you that need a map: Hilaría Baldwin is NOT Spanish. Rachel Dolezal will NEVER be black. A biological man is NOT a woman. And a biological female will never be a man. Playing pretend is playing pretend. Even if you commit to it for years.”

This comes after Alec Baldwin’s wife is accused of pulling off a ‘decade-long grift’ to pass herself off as a person of Spanish heritage. She denies any wrongdoing after it was revealed she grew up in Boston and was born ‘Hilary’.

In an interview with the New York Times, Baldwin, 36, claimed the recent stories exposing her Boston upbringing are as a result of the media ‘misrepresenting me’ as she defended herself by stating she spoke little of her heritage so as to protect her parents.

Hilaria also spoke of the ‘Today Show’ segment in which she asked what the English word for cucumbers was, alleging she suffered from a ‘brain fart’ due to live-TV nerves. Comedians such as Kathy Griffin pounced and made fun of the mother of five.

Griffin attacked: “If we can decide to be the ethnicity of where our parents took us on summer vacations, then I have a Saugatuckian accent as a descendant of a long line of Michiganders” This was in reference to Hilaria’s admission that she was born in Boston but “spent some of my childhood in Boston, some of my childhood in Spain, my family … is over there in Spain now, I’m here.”

Griffin also quipped, “How would I possibly know the English word for cucumber??? #hilariabaldwin.”

“There is not something I’m doing wrong, and I think there is a difference between hiding and creating a boundary,” Hilaria said.

“Today we have an opportunity to clarify for people who have been confused — and have been confused in some ways by people misrepresenting me.”

Hilaria’s exposure of apparent grift was revealed on December 21 when a Twitter user under the handle @Lenibriscoe began a thread in which she highlighted her faltering Spanish accent and revealed her New England upbringing.

“We’re all bored and it’s just seemed so strange to me that no one had ever come out and said it, especially for someone who gets so much media attention,” the unnamed woman told the Times.

The woman said that it was an open secret in New York that Hilaria had an American upbringing, yet she wishes to remain anonymous over fears that Hilaria’s husband Alec Baldwin “would punch her.”

Hilaria at first denied the allegations stating that it was only “Fake Twitter accounts accusing me of a fake identity!” She was later forced to back down and reveal more about her Massachusetts background after thousands of comments.

Hilaria states she is white and remained adamant that she was not guilty of cultural appropriation and that she had never tried to mispresent herself. She says that she is a bilingual speaker and claimed that she speaks English in varying degrees of a Spanish accent depending on her emotions at the time. Numerous videos show her changing her accent frequently.

Her timeline of coming to the U.S. from Spain is being questioned as well. There is no evidence to show that she ever attended school in Spain either.

Hilaria now states that she first visited Spain as a baby and the family made frequent trips after that.

She has long described her mother as Spanish, yet records revealed that Dr. Kathyrn Hayword is in fact a fourth-generation Massachusetts resident. Both she and husband David Thomas worked as professors in the U.S. for years before retiring to Majorca in 2011.

Hilaria’s father’s family has even deeper ties to the U.S., having lived here since before the American Revolution.

It would appear that Candace Owens is doing a public service stating for all to read and hear that Hilaria is not of Spanish heritage, Rachel Dolezal is not black, and men pretending to be women in sports is destructive.

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