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Not just an idea, Joe, Antifa forms a soccer league!

Back in September people in Portland marked 100 consecutive nights of rioting by leftist agitators, primarily from Antifa and Black Lives Matter. That was around the time that Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is as liberal as they come, announced he was moving from his condo in order to spare his neighbors from the harassment of menacing mobs who regularly showed up at his door to denounce him.

A month later, Byron York, the Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent, noted, “Nobody (in Portland) bothers to keep count of the number of consecutive nights there has been violence.”

In other words, rioting, looting, vandalizing and burning anything in sight – cars, stores, government buildings – just became part of the city’s night-life landscape.

Well, it seems Antifa may have a new recreational pursuit.

On Twitter on Sunday,  Antifa announced the launch of a new soccer league, and simultaneously the redefinition of the term “soccer hooligan.”

Yes, after months of kicking the asses of normal city residents, the thugs were going to take kicks in the grass.

The tweet indicated the Anti-Fascist Soccer League – at least four teams between seven and nine players each – would begin play tonight at Duniway Field.

“Have comrades that you want to make a team with? Or you’re solo and want to play? Let us know by DMing us on Instagram or Twitter @ANTIFA_FC.” FC as in football club.

Players had the option of wearing a traditional Antifa uniform – the paramilitary black bloc outfit so commonly seen as they beat down the straights in the streets. But if they do show in bloc, then they must wear something to identify their team.

Masks, however, were mandatory. We’re still in a pandemic, after all.

And the @ANTIFA_FC, per its tweet, ironically seemed to outlaw “slide tackles,” the roughest play in soccer. Perhaps they don’t want people getting hurt before the next brawl with the cops.

The New York Post noted that 88 people had signed up, meaning Antifa had easily met its goal for its minimum number of teams.

“Stay safe, Stay Dangerous, watch some soccer and Nutmeg a Nazi,” the group offered as a promotional slogan, using “nutmeg” in the British sense – that is, as a synonym for kicking.

And for once Antifa had to steer from its anarchist roots, encouraging fans not to rip as “bastards” the volunteer referees, the closest the group would get to welcoming an authority figure of the racist patriarchy controlling all our lives.

The league, however, raises a question: If Portland no longer keeps score of how many nights Antifa has torn the city apart, will Antifa keep score in soccer? Picking winners and losers seems so … capitalist.

Mock Antifa soccer if you must, but remember, they’re not anti-social, but anti-fascist. And the group is not the first to see sports as an outlet in lieu of crime.

Remember when former President Bill Clinton promoted “midnight basketball” as a deterrent to inner-city crime. The program was a $50 million provision in the renowned 1994 federal anti-crime bill that then-Sen. Joe Biden famously authored and ushered through Congress, only to renounce it a quarter-century later when he needed votes from disgruntled Democratic activists championing “defund the police.”

Speaking of Biden, recall that during the first presidential debate, he noted, “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.”

Well, Joe was wrong. It’s also a soccer league.

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