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Wisconsin healthcare worker accused of intentionally destroying vials of COVID vaccine

Liberals, it seems, are never happy.

They complained President Donald Trump wasn’t doing enough to fight COVID-19, even though Trump launched Operation Warp Speed, which amid the worst pandemic in a century whittled a vaccination-approval process that takes years down to nine months. Now, per President-elect Joe Biden, the Trump administration isn’t distributing the vaccine, which under the traditional process wouldn’t yet exist, rapidly enough.

Now, one can expect them to somehow blame Trump after a healthcare worker intentionally destroy the drugs, as happened in Wisconsin.

An unidentified hospital employee for the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wis., was fired after failing to refrigerate 57 vials of the Moderna vaccine. That equated to more than 500 doses of the drug.

Moderna has said its vaccine must be kept between 36 degrees and 46 degrees to remain stable until ready for use. The drug can remain viable for up to 12 hours once removed from refrigeration.

Executives of the hospital’s parent company, Aurora Advocate Health, said they were told that “inadvertent human error” caused the vials to not be properly chilled on Dec. 26, according to Forbes.

But after an internal investigation, they determined the vaccine doses were intentionally left unrefrigerated.

“We continue to believe that vaccination is our way out of the pandemic,” Advocate Aurora, one of the 10 largest healthcare system in the U.S., said in its statement Wednesday night.

“We are more than disappointed that this individual’s actions will result in a delay of more than 500 people receiving their vaccine. This was a violation of our core values, and the individual is no longer employed by us.”

No further explanation of the worker’s motive was provided.

Local media said Aurora Advocate was continuing to investigate, with the help of the FBI and the Food & Drug Administration – and that more details would be provided later today.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that nearly 3.1 million vaccines had been administered in the U.S. since immunizations began on Dec. 14. That’s half of the global total so far.

The states have received about 12.4 million of both vaccines as of Wednesday.

Trump responded to criticism of the speed of vaccine distribution with a tweet: “It is up to the States to distribute the vaccines once brought to the designated areas by the Federal Government. We have not only developed the vaccines, including putting up money to move the process along quickly, but gotten them to the states.”


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