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GA voters fear ‘rigged’ runoff; new poll shows 55% of ‘very conservative’ voters will sit out

SurveyUSA conducted a recent poll in Georgia that Republicans will find very disturbing and alarming. The poll covered voters who do not plan to show up for next week’s runoff elections. It found that 55% of respondents who identify as “very conservative” said the reason they will stay home is that they believe the process is “rigged.” That’s compared to 0% of self-described “liberals” and “very liberals.” This is a very bad sign for Republicans who count on the outcome in order to maintain control of the U.S. Senate.

Of those that said they “will not vote,” 6% were Republicans and 3% were Democrats. SurveyUSA had Ossoff leading Perdue 51%-46%, and Warnock leading Loeffler 52%-45%. But an also-well-regarded Emerson College poll showed both Perdue and Loeffler leading 51%-48%.

Georgia GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are fighting for their political lives in runoffs scheduled for Jan. 5 against Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. If both Republicans lose, the Senate would flip to Democratic control, leaving the left in charge of both chambers of Congress and the White House if President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office as anticipated. This will allow leftist Democrats to virtually pass any legislation they desire.

SurveyUSA wrote concerning the results: “Of those who are not voting in the US Senate runoffs, a disproportionate number are conservative. Of those who identify as ‘very conservative,’ 55% say they are not voting in the runoff elections because ‘the voting process is rigged.’ This compares to zero percent of liberals and very liberals.”

Fox Business’ Charles Payne reported the findings, calling the results “cray cray.” But it doesn’t change the sentiment out there that our electoral process can no longer be trusted over alleged voter fraud.

SurveyUSA did note that “Georgia is a hot mess and no opinion pollster could possibly say what will happen when votes are counted,” but according to The New York Times, the GOP has been “on edge” already over the runoffs as numbers show strong early voting in some of Georgia’s Democratic strongholds. One-third of Georgians have already voted.

The outlet referenced Walker County. A county that President Trump won with 79% over Biden. They pointed to it as one example. As of Wednesday, the turnout “was only 47 percent of the general election total.”

While President Trump has campaigned in Georgia for Loeffler and Perdue and encouraged Republicans to show up in the runoffs to vote, he has been highly critical of the state’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for weeks, calling them “fools” on Wednesday while lambasting their oversight of the Nov. 3 presidential election in Georgia that was called for Biden.

Pro-Trump independent lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell acted on their own behalf earlier this month during a “Stop the Steal” rally in urging Republican Georgia voters to boycott the runoffs unless officials made changes to the process ahead of next week.

Attorney Lin Wood on Dec. 30 filed an emergency petition in the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to block next week’s Georgia Senate runoff election, days after his lawsuit was dismissed by a federal judge. He is seeking to halt the runoffs “until such time as the respondents agree to comply with the Georgia Legislature’s prescribed election procedures.”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Vice-Chair of the Georgia State Election Board Rebecca N. Sullivan, members of the Georgia State Election Board David J. Worley, Matthew Mashburn, and Anh Le are listed as respondents.

The attorney’s petition also requests that a judge orders the preservation of election-related materials, and asks that election officials produce one voting machine used in the Nov. 3 presidential election from each Georgia county for forensic examination.

Wood put pressure on the Republican candidates themselves to demand change if they want support in their elections. “If Kelly Loeffler wants your vote, if David Perdue wants your vote, they’ve got to earn it,” Wood added.

“There should not be a runoff, certainly not on Dominion machines,” Powell said during the same press conference. “I think I would encourage all Georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure. And I mean that, regardless of party. We can’t live in a free republic unless we know our votes are legal and secure.”

That message seems to have reverberated with conservative voters. The pollster wrote in its analysis that “7% of ‘very conservative’ voters say they are ‘intentionally boycotting’ the runoffs.” If true, that is very bad news for Republicans.

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